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Achievements Entropia Universe personal achievements, such as skill unlocks, milestones, awards, etc.

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Old 07-29-2011, 05:09   #1
JavierChavez GreenJavierChavez Green
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Javier Vicente Chavez
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First Hunting Globals!

Everybody that knows me ingame knows me as a miner. I spend the majority of my time spending PEDs dropping bombs all over Calypso and Arkadia. The occasional hunting I usually do from time to time is only TT hunts on Snables/Shinkibas. Today, I had saved enough trading profits to purchase my first own Rascal (M) set to help me with the Argo Iron Challenge. Once I had my set of armor, Riker UL1 (L), and 170.72 PED of ammunition to fully decay the weapon, I went out with some minor losses for the first run. Second run resulted in nearly a break even return which made me happy. The area near New Switzerland was actually giving out lots of No Looters which discouraged me, but I figured if I stood and kept at it I'd hit something. After 2 full Rikers used and abused, I went out for my third and final run for the day. As always, Lootius shocks me with the best gifts! Not only did I get my first hunting global, but I received four! Woot!

I have the pictures I captured below with each kill and PED value of loot. Thanks once again Lootius, and good to get some hunting globals logged on Tracker

130 PED Argonaut Young

Click to enlarge

54 PED Argonaut Young

Click to enlarge

73 PED Argonaut Young

Click to enlarge

51 PED Argonaut Young

Click to enlarge

Run Results: 263.00 PED in / 534.73 PED
Iron Challenge Progress To Date: 425/500 Killed

Proud member of NBK since February 2010
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Old 07-29-2011, 05:54   #2
raynopssgold Inept
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Huge gz, my friend. You did a great job here
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Old 07-29-2011, 09:31   #3
Mischief Poor
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Steve Mischief Sunderland
Soc: Natural Born Killers
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Nothing like the first one(s)!

Gratz J-C!
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Old 08-01-2011, 20:07   #4
BlueEyes Inept
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achievement argo global

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