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Serica 10-02-2011 04:38

Danger levels need to be fixed on Ark mobs
To all the 'trusted' Entropedia updaters:

Some (all?) of the Arkadia mobs had their stats adjusted in the Arkadia vu 2011.5 on 9 August (or maybe even the updates before that in June?). However, these have not been updated on Entropedia, and as they were originally entered and verified by a trusted member, cannot be updated by others.

Eg: Halix Young shows as L2, but now is actually L9; Provider shows as L3, but now is actually L10.
This is not the only mob either.

If any of you are on Arkadia, can you keep an eye out for these, and edit them as required pls.

Jenny ferr 10-02-2011 05:31

I would much more like MA to remove them, but I guess I can take a look at the "no use levels" and update it.

SpikeBlack 10-02-2011 14:48

I'd agree with you in removing them. Although the danger levels are somewhat helpful on Arkadia they often bare no resembalance to the difficulty to kill.

For instance Halix and Hadraada. Although similar levels have totally different levels of HP.

FarmerSmurf 02-18-2012 05:53

the danger levels are imo "off" across the universe..which makes me think it may not be "off" at all. In fact I theorize they are actually taming levels, for upcoming taming release.

spectr 03-29-2012 13:08

Maps to be updated also.
I am at Rocktropia now. I found places from the map for Lone Wolf.
But I got only Exasours when I went to location. :(

Neil Stockton 03-29-2012 19:32

MA should throw away the complicated formulas and just have the level number based on a simple combination of attack rate and average damage dealt. HP, speed, and whatever else might be included in the formula isn't really relevant to danger level.

Stelgim 07-27-2012 15:10

I also look at the "Danger Level" and notice that I shouldn't really care about it that much, most of the enemies I fight react different even on different levels.

Although this helps the newbeginners a little bit in deciding which mob to attack.

I remember when I joined I had to test out most of the mobs, and died in one-hits a lot.

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