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Fiona Simmons Inept
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Can't take Disciples

Hello Everyone

Back in 2005 i finished my "Disciple training" my Mentor got a very lame reward (candle or lamp) and i officially passed the Orange Juice Trial.

I stopped playing Entropia at one Point and chipped completely out.
I came back after a few Years and i believe my skills would have qualified me as newbie again expect my Attributes as Agility, Psyche ect.

However i didnt bother with a Mentor this time, of course i got people who helped me to get a grip again in that Blackhole called Entropia that greatly changed over time but i never accepted any Mentor Contract.

Now my Problem :

After a bit of hunting my highest Professional standing is 37 , but for some reason i can't accept disciples. The reason stated is that im not skilled enough. But i can remember that i once got a popup that claimed im now skilled enough to have disciples.

Even worse, as i had some buissnes at camp ithaca i got a Mentor request from a random person. I delinced and joked around at it in Soc chat. Someone asked to be my Mentor and i agreed but it looks like he dont have enough skills to be my mentor. I know this person have professional Standings higher 25

Anyone ever had this Problem ? What can i do to fix it ?
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Serica Weak
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To mentor another player, you need to have a higher professional level of the same type as the highest profession of that other player.

For example:
You have lvl 37 laser sniper (hit) and the intended disciple has lvl 10 laser sniper ... but if the disciple's highest profession is actually lvl 12 prospector and you're lvl 11 prospector, then you can't mentor that player.
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