There's currently an issue in the system for attribute gain through quests. When a player completes a quest that rewards the player with an attribute the issue can occur. The issue only happens if the player has no progress saved at all in the attribute that they receive from the quest. What happens when the issue occurs is that all attribute data is rolled back to how it was before the game session started, i.e. all attribute progress for the session is lost.

We're currently working on solving the issue but until it's released we recommend players not to do the following missions unless you already have 2 or more in the corresponding attribute (stamina/intelligence/psyche).

Name in the Quest Log/Attribute reward (1 pt)
"Patrol the Swamp Camp"/Stamina
"Crafting 101 part 2"/Intelligence
"The Collector of Fragments"/Intelligence
"Find Varnia"/Intelligence
"The Pub Crawl"/Psyche

If you believe you've been affected by this issue, send a support case specifying what quest you believe it involves (you can see the quest name in the quest log) along with all other information you think relates to the case.

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