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    18 26.09%
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    Guardian Jenny ferr's Avatar
    Nov 01 2010
    I dont like the way they changed the tiering system, or came up with a whole new system and not changed the old...

    And I dont like the flashy healthbars either, made my fapping less effective as I might fap up the hunter to full just before the mob is dead while he/she wants to use their own sib fap or MF to heal between mobs.
    So please MA make that optional...

    Love storage bug fixed tho, and lots of other tiny changes so overall I think this VU was the best for a very long time, apart from what I wrote above...

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    Provider Spawn's Avatar
    Nov 09 2010
    It's very cool indeed! My masher 01 always felt a bit weak, but with tier 1 and soon tier 2 It will be like I have my opalo/a105 back finally!

    Also my opalo sga is doing a bit more damage now!

    im going to do my axes and swords next, and then the big old school pistols, the karma and the m2910 and m2930 me need some enhancers!

    Me loves it!


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