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    Nov 12 2010

    America loses its AAA credit rating

    I just happened to catch this on the news, and for all economics people out there, this is massive news.

    I've not seen this picked up on any other Entropia related forum yet.

    What do you think about this? Beginning of the end or just a kick up the arse to sort things out and stop the republican / democrat bickering ?

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    Nov 01 2010
    Unfortunately, while I have my personal opinions about this, the fact is:

    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Rules
    3.6 - Real-world Controversial Discussion
    Discussion of real world politics, nationalism, religion, war, or other similarly controversial topics is NOT permitted or appropriate for this forum. EntropiaForum is a global community with players from many different countries around the world, so discussion of such topics often disrupts the forum community.
    So I'm afraid I have no choice but
    Always willing to learn




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