EntropiaForum Adspace allows members to display Entropia-related banner ads on EntropiaForum.

The banner location will appear on all parts of EntropiaForum just below the top navigation bar, and is reserved exclusively for Entropia Universe related advertisements. This will allow our members to promote their events, land area competitions, sales threads, parties, society recruiting efforts, or anything else related to Entropia Universe. EntropiaForum Adspace is one of the most effective ways to get the attention of the EU community. Thousands of Entropia Universe participants visit EF each day, so this is great way to promote just about anything in EU.


A 728 pixel wide by 90 pixel high (728x90) banner in .gif or .jpg format. Animated images are acceptable, but maximum file size is 700 kilobytes.

All banners must link to a thread on EntropiaForum; linking to external sites is not allowed. Before launching an ad campaign, a thread that describes your event or auction should be created in the appropriate forum on EF. This link must be provided along with the banner when creating the ad campaign.

All ad campaigns and banner images are subject to EF admin approval, and are restricted to Entropia Universe events and items. No ad campaign that violates either the forum rules or Entropia Universe EULA will be permitted.

Advertising Rates:

Prices for EF Adspace banner campaigns are very reasonable, and can be purchased via Paypal or PED.
  • 3 Day Ad Campaign - $4 / 40 PED
  • 7 Day Ad Campaign - $7 / 70 PED
  • 14 Day Ad Campaign - $12 / 120 PED


  1. Create a thread describing your event or sale in the appropriate forum on EF
  2. Upload your 728 x 90 banner to the Gallery in the EF Adspace category
  3. Send a private message to 711 with the links to your banner and event thread, along with your target start date and length of campaign.

If you do not have a Paypal account but would like to run an EF Adspace campaign, please contact me via PM and arrangements can be made to make payment via PEDs.