CDF has issued a warning that Steel Bird Elites have been spotted at or around the following areas: Hadesheim crater, Jason Centre, Fort Ares, Jurra Plateau, Zephyrus, Isslye, Tukar, Eos and East Scylla Mountain. Colonists in those areas are advised to take proper precautions.

EBN has reports that CDF held a special summit meeting in Port Atlantis earlier today. Colonel Briers, the CDF officer in charge of the Hadesheim Task Force, was seen while making his way to the alleged meeting, escorting several individuals from an unregistered VTOL to the meeting and back. The agenda of the meeting has not been made public, nor has the guest list; in fact, CDF will only confirm that there has been a summit meeting and that they have an open mind with regards to the current situation.

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