Got something to prove?

Old score to settle?

Want to prove it isn't all about skills and HP?

Do it in the DEATH zone!

At 21.00 MA time on Saturday the 27th of November, things are gonna get ugly!

The rules are simple:

- Only Sollomate Opalo may be used (no amps or enhancers)

- No healing in or out of the arena

- No Armor allowed

- Most PVP points wins it!

So you think your tough enough?

Registration is at the Land area marker at BAMF HQ, and tickets cost 10 ped!

Anyone is welcome to take part of any HP or skill level. Everyone has an equal SHOT at winning. Its all about speed, wit, and cunning!


1st Prize:
- All the ammo shot during the event
- Valkyrie MK1

2nd Prize:
- Valkyrie MK1

3rd Prize:
- Castorian En-knuckles A

So lock N load, and head on down to BAMF HQ on Saturday the 27th!