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    Nov 02 2010
    If you press "y" it will open a book, click the "System" ribbon, then third icon down "Dashboard" is the one that clears the chat completely, unfortunately, it also clears radar, health, ammo and current tool from screen, so it is a choice, minimize as much as it lets you, or hide it all...

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    Nov 08 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by captee View Post
    it used to have a quick click button to adjust right away to a specific size.

    I also hope to be able to adjust loot window to be adjustable maybe one small and on big with just a click.
    Loot window bugs me more than chat. On my old PC I have resolution set to 1024x768 and it takes up a large part of my screen. It's a good thing it's a bit transparent tho.


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