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    Dec 20 2010

    New player, not sure where to post this

    I started in Next Island because it sounded really awesome. For some reason though, I was started off in the middle of the wilderness surrounded by monkeys and boars and I just sort of get killed repeatedly every time I log in. I've attempted to run and jump around to explore my area and find some safe place to call for help, but there are seriously 20-30 or more enemies around me and they all move and strike quite quickly. I'm not sure what to do and it's making learning this game very confusing. I'd consider starting over were this any other game, but since I don't think you can in this game, I'd like to know if there's anything I can do about this.

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    Nov 02 2010
    First, welcome to Entropia Universe.

    I can see only one solution, fill out a support case with the prob. MA need to know that this can be happen, and also only they are able to move your Avatar to another place.

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    Nov 15 2010
    the teleporters in NextI are killing the critters now, I see no towers per se, but we noticed yesterday that any wild boars chasing us would die when they touched the tp. It's a start

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    May 19 2011

    Same same

    Yeah the same thing happened to me on Next Island. I have never played on Calypso and am only a few days into this game. It was frustrating right off the start thats for sure. Not knowing where to go and getting instantly mobbed!

    I just kept running and dying and getting farther and farther. Finally I found a structure relatively close to the spawn, that people refer to as TP (Teleporter), but if you guys want to call it "toilet paper" go ahead, 'cause thats what TP is to me! :P

    I just had to run and die until I teleported to another town that I was safe in. Now, as a newbie, people told me to start sweating. I am working on sweating the small monkeys (Petite) around the area. And guess what? They'll kill you too!

    So where I am I stay close to town because there is a pond/lake there and once I am done sweating as much as I can off of the mob I go swimming underwater which it'll follow me and shortly after the creature will drown. Rinse and repeat! I just reached my 2000 sweat goal. Hope that helps.




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