My name is MsPudding

I am from Planet Calypso, and wanting to start a normal trade route on your planet and possibly others! =) I have posted on a couple other forums and I am trying to get as much feedback on the idea as I can, both positive and negative, suggestions and constructive criticism is welcomed!


It looks like I'm getting very positive feedback so far from this idea I have gotten a couple PM's and questions about it, and I encourage those of you who are interested to PM me or reply on the thread, don't hesitate to ask a question or offer a suggestion! :P

So, what I'd like to accomplish is this:

I want to get social leaders, big wigs, freelancers, shakers and movers, and the little guy's on Next Island on my Friend List. I want to coordinate with those interested in trading a time and place to meet, where I purchase your Ores and items that have MU% of around 106 or great (we'll try mostly Ores to begin with -- but we can discuss all kinds of things later or in PMs).

I would really like to have the social leaders make an effort to buy or collect the Ores from their social group throughout the week and then meet with me every Sunday between a certain time thats convenient for the majority of people. We can meet up, get to know eachother, and execute the trades as quickly and smoothly as possible. This goes for the Freelancers as well, if you have 20 PED in ores or 2 PED, or 2,000 PED of Ores, I will trade with you. you just need to make sure we can meet up at a certain time and place and coordinate it with me throughout the week... send me a PM if your interested, and we can work out a way to add eachother to eachother's friendlist (I am friends with about 3-4 People on Next Island, and they can invite you to a hunting group, once you join the group I will be in it too and we can get on eachothers friend list easy that way).

The benefit to having you all on my friendslist is that throughout the week, you can ask me to get you items from Calypso, and not have to pay the shipping fee . Of course the items need to be within reason so they dont tie up 3-4k of my PEDs :P

We can discuss %'s on items and I will run #'s to figure out what I have to pay on the Ores to cover my travel costs, and give you the best possible rates for my services.

So what Im after is getting connected to the Social leaders, and freelancers who are interested in meeting me each Sunday @ a certain time, and also a list of Items you are most interested in trading with me.

I wont be buying eye oils, or muscle oils, or items with similar MU% to them simply because the mu% on them alone right now will prove to be a huge loss for me, even if I purchased them at TT from you and sold them on Calypso, so we've got to deal in items with at least 106-107% markup and higher. My goal is to be able to help you get the most PED out of your items while making a modest % for my services at the same time. I don't plan on making 5 or 10% profit off your items, thats just unreasonable and greedy. I also don't plan on eating all the travel costs myself to provide a completely "Free" service for you either :P because I don't think that would be fair to me... I'm talking about making around 2% commission after expenses. Which is going to be like making 20 PEDs for every 1,000 PED's I buy... In return you wont have to just keep all your Ores in storage or feed them to the TT, or list them on auction multiple times paying auction fee's before they finally sell.

If I need to come more than once a week, suggest it in a PM. For now, let me get to know the people on the planet who can connect me with all those interested in this idea

send a PM and let me know what times sunday's you can meet, where, and how much PED worth of items you can have for me on a weekly basis, and what you are interested in selling me, and also what you are interested in having me get for you.

Thx so much for taking the time to read this and give feedback!!

PM or Reply, don't just view it! Let me know your thoughts!