NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2011

After a successful pre-launch "media and pioneers-only" month-long open play session, Next Island is opening its virtual doors to casual and hardcore gamers to experience the next generation of virtual world entertainment and massively multiplayer online social gaming.

New players can sign-up now on, download the free client, create an avatar and discover a virtual world inhabited by strange beasts, space/time anomalies and a vibrant online community.

Next Island was created by David Post and developed by Neverdie Studios. Prior to starting Next Island, Post founded Page America the first paging/messaging network to open the consumer market and the first brand. It went from standing start to the industry's largest company. Post also started Cellular Systems, Inc. which won the New York City Cellular license. Post has been the primary funder of Next Island.

With the success of our media and pioneers launch, Post says, "we already have a great base of players ready and willing to welcome new players to an online world filled with compelling game content, great entertainment partners like Carolines Comedy Club, real cash economy and social interaction."

Next Island is a next-generation virtual world for the PC on the Entropia Universe platform, the same platform that created the highly successful virtual world Calypso. Next Island combines the best of story-driven MMOs with the social interaction of virtual worlds and online communities. The Next Island will offer players the opportunity to travel to different times and places. The first time travel location is ancient Greece, a blend of myth and history full of in-game events, quests, competitions and challenges.

Players will also have the ability to earn real money through in-game crafting and selling virtual property and items.

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