Fun Hunt Tonight on Rocktropia!

Starting at 0500MA time, that's 9pm alaska, 10pacific, 11, mountain, 12 midnight central and 1am eastern. (sorry I dont know the eu/asia/australia time zones :/ )

Lets meet at the City of Dreams Lagoon about 30 minutes before just to get organized and ready so we can really be ready to start at 500ma time.

We will be using Herman ARK-10 (L) + Roadie BLP Amp mk2(L)s

You have two options of participating.
1. You can purchase a weapon and amp from me for TT (I wont charge any markup) and receive a full share of any loot we get.
2. I can give you a gun and amp and ammo, and you just return them with your portion of the loot after the hunt. This means free skills and a night of risk free fun for you.

All items will be given to me and split evenly according to the number of people in team.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join from the 300hp uber to the first day off the ship beginner still trying to figure out why their clothes look torn.
We are all here for fun, and this is an opportunity for us to all hang out and do some team hunting.

I hope Skeezer will be with us, he is always great motivation to get these hunts put together.
Transportation will be provided to the hunting area we select if anyone doesn't have that tp yet, so don't worry everyone will be involved.

Armor is optional, but to save on decay since any mobs we kill in a large team will likely kill you in one or two hits anyways, I would probably not wear any.

Our two target mobs will be Lemmy Dragons at Skull Moat, or Rudolf Dragons south of B.A.M.F. If we dont get 8 or more people, then we will select an appropriate target for our team size.

Good Luck, and I hope to see you there,