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    Nov 02 2010
    Thought I posted in this thread, hmmm...

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    Young bjorn's Avatar
    Feb 15 2011
    I will be there is it a PVP event? and is the bullets only 0.1 PEC instead of 1 PEC What with decay? also 1/10? What is the prizes? Where do we meet POS please!

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    Old Stagger's Avatar
    Apr 13 2011
    Space, FOMA, Beta West 13C
    i'm bringing my gear!

    will leave from arkadia to calypso in some hours,
    if anyone needs a free ride with me pm me fast!

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    Planet Calypso Official Kim|Calypso's Avatar
    May 12 2011
    Prizes are unlimited sleipners and saehrimners
    Mr Kim H.R. Welter
    Game Designer, MindArk PE AB

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    Jul 16 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Kim|MindArk View Post
    Prizes are unlimited sleipners and saehrimners
    Is this true? Or it must to turn around three times clockwise around the VTOL (L) and wait for it to become UL?

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    Oct 31 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Butch C View Post
    never had a post deleted before, must of hit a nerve huh.. sad.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kim|MindArk View Post
    Expressing your opinion is fine but I dont need my storyline/event threads turned into whine fests about loot or whatever else it could be. It doesnt contribute with anything but negativity.

    I don't see at as whining, I see it as expressing their opinion not to participate.

    And to delete the posts with no explantion? I would consider you Kim over stepping your boundaries

    Born 11-24-2006

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    Jun 23 2011
    East Coast US
    To: Gen. Frank Jameson (ret) - Governor, Calypso
    From Alpha AG Geek – CEO, Manticore
    Re: Colonist reoccupation of Hadesheim

    General Jameson,

    As a veteran of the defensive actions against the robot forces of Akbal-Cimi, you are no doubt aware of the actions take by their forces two years ago this August 17th. While the wereabouts of the routed Imperial Fleet and the CDF are unknown during those last hours before darkness fell, many colonists were engaging the enemy on the planet while some of my associates and I took the last operating robot beacon in a last-ditch effort to thwart the robot attack.

    We failed. Typhon fell. Hadesheim vaporized. The shining Capitol of Calypso was lost.

    Last year, Manticore spearheaded an attack force hell bent on the retaking of Hadesheim. Dozens of vehicles rolled out of Camp Phoenix as the first large-scale mechanized engagement of robot forces by colonists began. As with the last attempts to defend Calypso, no Imperial support was evident.

    An expedient relief station was hastily built at ground zero, and christened “Junkyard Bar Vu 2.0” by those colonists that remembered those now long-gone drinking establishments in Hadesheim. The robots were eliminated in the area of operation, and morale soared. Colonists danced to music and partied- in Hadesheim.

    Then came the massive counter-attack by the metal abominations. Highly advanced robot models flooded the planets surface, culminating in the appearance of the Hydra series. With all the available firepower, resourcefulness and guile of humanity, these monstrosities were turned to scrap.

    And now we approach the second anniversary of that dark day. Brigadier Carmarone is missing. No information on the whereabouts of now former Governor Dumpty has been released. Your stated policy is to move to new and uncharted lands on Calypso.

    I must reject this policy of cowardice and say “We shall not run!” Humanity holds the lands of Eudoria and Amethera! The brave colonists that remain on Calypso shall continue to fight. Conquest by the robots means death to humanity, that much is evident by their very acts. We must continue to engage this enemy until it is routed from Calypso, pushed across the black void of space to Akbal-Cimi, and then crushed under the heel of their creators like… like a cigarette butt when you’re a kid and your mom catches you smoking and you try to hide... Um... Yeah… Anyway, the robots must be crushed under our heel!

    The robot forces must be defeated and Hadesheim is the place to begin the effort anew. To that end, Manticore has begun planning Operation: H-Day II. We invite all colonists to join us once again at Camp Phoenix at an appointed hour to move out and once again take and occupy Hadesheim. We also invite any Imperial forces that have been discharged from their service to join us in this effort. Many of those now disenfranchised souls were Pioneers on Calypso, the likes of which humanity hasn’t seen since Marco polo opened the Eastern trade routes on old Earth. This is no Skam, Manticore would welcome these individuals into the combined colonist forces and gladly recognize them for the brothers and sisters in arms that they are.

    Operational details including mission start time and rally points will be released to the public communications networks within the next 24 hours.

    In closing, I challenge the Imperial forces and colonists alike to fight as never before. Humanity’s fate is in our hands. We must teach our enemy that the price of Hadesheim is their total annihilation. Remember Hadesheim.

    Terminus Roboticus!


    Alpha AG Geek
    CEO- Manticore

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    Mature Azrael's Avatar
    Jun 19 2011
    ............................................never mind
    Last edited by Azrael; 07-16-2011 at 15:12.

    The truth will set you free...but first it will really piss you off.

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    I like the fact that you've disabled structure repairing! It kinda implies that you are aware of the rk-5 fort bug (rk-20 works btw).
    Lets see how this goes I'm excited!

    But some feedback, it would be nice with one that is hp limited

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    Provider Kitsune's Avatar
    Jun 20 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Kim|MindArk View Post
    Expressing your opinion is fine but I dont need my storyline/event threads turned into whine fests about loot or whatever else it could be. It doesnt contribute with anything but negativity.
    Way to go.

    Atleast my post got quoted so everyone can still see it while at the same time giving you a bad name for deleting it in the first place.

    Just to add I think my post sticked with the spirit of this event and was not a whine post as you say.

    Really how do you justify "not due to lack of training but due to lack of morale" as a whine post ?
    I know you have a thing against me because I stand up for what is right and fair and fight for the underdog but to go as far as deleting my post.... arf rather going to stop this post now before I blow up on you again

    +rep to you Softhart for quoting our deleted posts (have to spread some more rep...)
    Last edited by Kitsune; 07-16-2011 at 16:28.


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