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    May 14 2011
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    Calypso has lore. How about we use it?

    We have a conflict between humans and robots. What happened to that?
    We have a destroyed capital. What are we doing about it?
    We have unexplored spaces. How are people being encouraged to explore?
    We now have to secure the space around Calypso. How is this being accomplished?
    We have a population of mutants that think like humans and used to be human. What is their role in the new Calypso? Do they want to work with colonists, or are they enraged at humanity for abandoning them?
    We have corporations fighting for control over Calypso's economy. Are they not trying to solicit the favor of the colonists to strengthen the ties of patronage on the planet and their own economic positions? What lengths are they going to?

    It seems to me we have a very rich and underdeveloped framework to work with. Instead of developing the world and enriching the game experience or everyone we're trying to sell it, piece by piece, feeding perceptions of unattainability to those who just want to play a fun game on an RCE platform.

    Develop Calypso's various storylines. Make them matter. Use the mission system to drive this, and reward players for being involved at crucial stages in the various conflicts. Make it a game again, and not a strange and unpredictable job.
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    Nov 08 2010
    oh ok Serica. private guide stuff.

    And sorry for mistyping your name too

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    reply to deleted post

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    Dec 28 2010
    Make a unlock feature..

    Atrox bronze and Feffoid Iron and you unlock Atrox siver. Whit 15k kills off any size.
    Atrox siver, Feffoid Iron and Molisk Iron gives Atrox gold. Whit 20k kills whit bronze size maturity...
    Atrox glod, feffoid bronze, molisk bronze gives Atrox Platina. 1k kills, stalkers only..

    Make the last reward a realy nice one and we will have plenty to do the next couple off years..

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    May 30 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by MilkeN View Post
    Make the last reward a realy nice one and we will have plenty to do the next couple off years..
    Yes this is important. Perhaps if there were something nice or of value then I would be motivated to complete at least one of them

    I very much dislike getting nova fragments, or whatever.

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    May 12 2011
    Thanks a lot for the feedback so far. Many seem to want more storyline missions and I can tell you that you will be very happy with the next release. Our current thinking is that we will have 1 or 2 storyline driven "epic" mission chains if you will and these missions will unlock side missions as you progress.

    How about the UI? anything there that could be improved?
    Mr Kim H.R. Welter
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    Jun 19 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by KikkiJikki View Post
    It's kinda dumb to give fragments as a mission reward. "thanks for completing this mission, here's a pile of useless stuff that you have too much of already"

    Also I tried getting to that link Serice shared but got a permissions error. Also tried to search for it within PCF without any luck. perhaps I am missing something there.

    This pretty much sums up my feelings about some of the current missions. If we're gonna spend a butt load of cash killing the things, at least give us something of value

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    Nov 02 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by HardWrath View Post
    More diversity, complexity, and depth.

    This will for sure end up as something like Larry Laffer.

    I still have my difficulties with missions. They look like repetitive work to me, intelligence is not needed and it seem as they are simply PED cycling machines. Might be that somebody does need them as a motivation to do something.

    With respect to UI I do have my difficulties to find items. They are quite too small.

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    Nov 02 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Kim|MindArk View Post
    How about the UI? anything there that could be improved?

    I dont like to search the hole planet for mission broker, on Arkadia there is one Terminal at many TPs.

    Maybe ad a terminal to get all the mission,
    to involve the broker make them part of the mission iE.. Mission find the Egg.. meet Egghead at 20000/20000 he gave you some hints.

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    Nov 02 2010
    I love missions, but I hate temporary mission and missions I cannot do because of earlier choices in other missions!
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    Jan 13 2011

    Mining Mission

    Can we have some mining missions? Like try to get a 100 ped deposit of belkar stone, or try to get 50 global without putting amplifiers on the finder. If people are doing mining missions they couldn't put Amplifiers on their finder, or the deposits found with Amplifiers are not count in the mission. If the system works, i think we can get some mining events. i think it would be very interesting for miners. Because all the events and missions were held for hunters only, i think us miner should get some mission or event in the future




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