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    Provider John Black Knight's Avatar
    Nov 23 2010
    Space missions please

    The Perception gold transport was a nice event type idea, but it would be even greater if there were NPC pirate and transport ships flying through space and if they were part of storyline missions.
    Make event type missions where all players on board of the spaceship / spaceships that are at the trigger point of the mission get added to an event channel and can work together to complete that mission.
    Provide some kind of mission 'currency' (eg. crystals / nanochips) which every participant of such a mission will receive (tradeable if possible) according to the time, activity and peds he / she has spend on that event.
    This currency should enable to buy mission rewards from mission brokers.

    Allow players to join / leave such kind of events at any time - but please still provide the mission 'currency' reward to everyone involved.

    Kind regards

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    Jul 20 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Kim|MindArk View Post
    Thanks a lot for the feedback so far. Many seem to want more storyline missions and I can tell you that you will be very happy with the next release. Our current thinking is that we will have 1 or 2 storyline driven "epic" mission chains if you will and these missions will unlock side missions as you progress.

    How about the UI? anything there that could be improved?
    It would be nice to be able to have a kill counter on screen if you have selected a kill N of X type mission. As an option, of course.

    It would be very nice to have more mining missions.

    It would be nice to have more missions hand out limited blueprints as awards.

    Really, having more iron and bronze missions should go without saying. Please make at least one more iron mission chain for every quarterly content release.

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    Guardian starfinder's Avatar
    Oct 31 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Kim|MindArk View Post
    How about the UI? anything there that could be improved?
    If by UI you mean the "User Interface", then yes!!!.. Loads..

    You can start off by doing what almost all the other successfull mmo's do - and make an APi so your LEGIONS of programmers who play Entropia Universe can start making their own UI's for the game.

    Then you can see which ones has elements that rocks and put that in the official UI (just remember to put something in the "developer agreement" that says you can take whatever you want).

    I wnt to be able to integrate Entropia Tracker directly into the game UI.
    Its stupid people have to download the Entropia Tracker client and have that running outside Entropia Universe to get the benefits that really SHOULd be build into EU.

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    May 13 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Kim|MindArk View Post

    How about the UI? anything there that could be improved?
    The biggest thing for me would be to ensure that we can copy/paste the text if possible.

    There are at least two reasons for this:
    1/ those of us who update wiki sites like Entropedia currently have to manually type the full text for others (which is tedious)
    2/ more importantly, some players rely on translator sites like Google Translate if they are not proficient speakers of one of the available languages for EU. Being able to copy/paste would make this much more user-friendly for them.

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    Jun 18 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by MilkeN View Post
    Make a unlock feature..

    Atrox bronze and Feffoid Iron and you unlock Atrox siver. Whit 15k kills off any size.
    Atrox siver, Feffoid Iron and Molisk Iron gives Atrox gold. Whit 20k kills whit bronze size maturity...
    Atrox glod, feffoid bronze, molisk bronze gives Atrox Platina. 1k kills, stalkers only..

    Make the last reward a realy nice one and we will have plenty to do the next couple off years..
    yeah,sounds nice,or make the gold reward 1 ul armourpart with good stats(like mayhem or poe) by grinding 7 goldmissions (which would take years) we could gather a bice unlimited set of armour

    now thats a reward worth skiling years for since good armours dont drop anymore in loot

    but i just read emphasis wil be on storytelling which hardcore grinders(and thus the ones making ma decay ) dont care about at all

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    Jun 18 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Kim|MindArk View Post
    Thanks a lot for the feedback so far. Many seem to want more storyline missions and I can tell you that you will be very happy with the next release. Our current thinking is that we will have 1 or 2 storyline driven "epic" mission chains if you will and these missions will unlock side missions as you progress.

    How about the UI? anything there that could be improved?
    i think hardcore grinders(like me and many others i spoke too,and those grinders make ma the most decay) dont care about storyline at all

    make each gold/platinum whatever endmission give a nice unlimited armourpart as reward(with good stats like mayhem or poe) so by finishing 7 endmissions we can gather a nice set of unlimited armour

    that would inspire most hunters to grind for years and thus making you guys decay
    it would also be fair to current loyal hunters since good unlimited armour dont drop in loot anymore at all

    give us someting to thrive for..not some lame storytelling

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    Provider Mischief's Avatar
    Jun 30 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Magyar View Post
    Calypso has lore. How about we use it?

    We have a conflict between humans and robots. What happened to that?
    We have a destroyed capital. What are we doing about it?
    We have unexplored spaces. How are people being encouraged to explore?
    We now have to secure the space around Calypso. How is this being accomplished?
    We have a population of mutants that think like humans and used to be human. What is their role in the new Calypso? Do they want to work with colonists, or are they enraged at humanity for abandoning them?
    We have corporations fighting for control over Calypso's economy. Are they not trying to solicit the favor of the colonists to strengthen the ties of patronage on the planet and their own economic positions? What lengths are they going to?

    It seems to me we have a very rich and underdeveloped framework to work with. Instead of developing the world and enriching the game experience or everyone we're trying to sell it, piece by piece, feeding perceptions of unattainability to those who just want to play a fun game on an RCE platform.

    Develop Calypso's various storylines. Make them matter. Use the mission system to drive this, and reward players for being involved at crucial stages in the various conflicts. Make it a game again, and not a strange and unpredictable job.
    Yes, Yes, Yes!

    And also what someone else said. It is lame to get fragments after killing off 6.6k of a mob. Doesn't really help in encouraging a player to continue with the 10k stage.
    More epic missions, or missions with varied content. Mad Prophet's missions is ok, more of those, please.

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    Jul 20 2011
    Hi Kim,

    Agreed that there needs to be more quest style missions of the format...

    Check this out
    Play with this equipment
    Kill a few of these mobs
    Talk to random stranger
    look for landmark
    and so on and so forth.

    I do think they could have added complexity to them to make them more interesting, challenging, and this doesn't mean, 'find equipment x in the middle of nowhere without a location clue.' Instead, add more travelling, add more questioning paths, some mean you have to start that particular leg again if you get it wrong, add (and this will require code) on screen puzzles to solve like the NASA 'game'/'simulator' which had people drawing circuits on circuit boards. Anything along these lines would make this much more interesting and rewarding when completed.

    I think the current grind missions are also very valid and necessary to help people new to the whole RPG style of gaming get into the 'grind' of it all.

    One massive hole in the grind missions, however, is item loots as Joat eluded to earlier in the thread (and possibly others as I've not read the whole thing.) Before I get started, I do disagree with making them avatar locked though!

    When you complete the mission, you should be given 'the chance of an item.'

    For the 100-1000 missions, this chance should be perhaps around the 75/25 not in favour.

    For the 5000 missions, this should be 50/50.

    For the 10000 missions, this should be 75/25 in favour

    and for any missions that exceed this enormous number, the chance should 100%.

    On top of the 'chance of an item' as part of the reward, notice 'part' as the skill reward should remain and this should be a bonus on top of the existing rewards, there should also be chance in the type of reward also.

    In more detail;

    When completing the 500 Shinki mission, on top of the 25% chance of receiving an item with your reward, you will also have a chance of looting one of a selection of items...

    (bear in mind, I've not put serious thought into the selection it's just an indication)
    Korss H300 (L) 1 in 5 chance
    Korss H350 (L) 1 in 20 chance
    Korss H400 (L) 1 in 50 chance
    Korss H350 (UL) 1 in 2000 chance
    Korss H400 (UL) 1 in 5000 chance
    Adjusted Korss H400 (UL) 1 in 100000 chance

    This could be the same for all Shinki Iron missions, the list could change for the Bronze missions.

    Looking at a different example, Atrox, the list could look something like:

    H15 (L) 1 in 5
    H20 (L) 1 in 20
    LR32 (L) 1 in 50
    H20 (UL) 1 in 2000
    LR32 (UL) 1 in 5000
    Adjusted LR32 (UL) 1 in 100000 chance

    Obviously, the numbers and selections would need tweaking for a healthy balance of HG, Rifles etc, but also to ensure the markets aren't flooded with items etc etc. The main emphasis though, is the very very real possibility of receiving a special item, albeit a very very rare possibility.

    The idea of being able to loot an Adjusted/Improved/Modified <insert item name here> without having to hunt XYZ ridiculously difficult and loss inducing creature would be a real win for the missions system and would, after word spreads, be a draw for other RPG enthusiasts, to do what they do in other RPG games as run of the mill exercises, but with the chance to receive something special, just like they can do with other titles, only with this system, that item directly equates to some real value!

    Also, the items would be a necessary 'compensation' to many avatars who grind to reach these goals and incur many hundreds or thousands of PEDs loss, while the item, for the most part, will not be full recompense for this, it will take the edge off.

    Addendum: The TT of the UL items would have to be minimal condition also to ensure the balancing of the whole system is kept in check.

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    Guardian Magyar's Avatar
    May 14 2011
    Aberdeen, WA
    Really the missions should be approached in 3 ways.

    Mission Category number 1:

    Grinders. We have those. There's enough to make thousands of dollars per player on these as they are currently implemented.

    Mission Category number 2:

    Explorers. We have some of these, but theyre really just find location x on the map and get familiar with the territory. We gain limited exposure to factions, but ultimately the exposure is superficial and lacks follow-through.

    Mission Category number 3:

    Temporary. These missions expire once a predetermined period of time passes. This is good, and these quests are difficult (usually) but the rewards themselves are lacking.

    To add some change ---

    Combine the 3 categories creatively, in a choose your own adventure style where you gain faction points and lose faction points based off certain choices you make. These choices ultimately may culminate in the distribution of items through the system in a non-random, but still very limited way. Good items people can keep and trade. Not (L) throwaway items. Factional armors, weapons, and vehicles may only be part of it. Mutants may offer things to increase innate abilities, such as regeneration, or armor value. The scope is only as limited as the developers make it.

    The net result of this approach would be an economy springing up around factional items, and an increase in people doing quests as they tried to obtain factional items as they were released, and continued activity to gear up for the next limited time event, with limited time items.

    Weave the storyline in and around all of these. A person working for Chikara should not be able to do Omegaton missions. A person working for human corporations should not be able to do mutant missions.

    Titles like Robot Exterminator, Mutant Mauler, etc could be distributed, and opted in for display by avatars who completed x chain.

    Societies may opt to declare a faction to get society based missions as well. Who they recruit and what faction those avatars are part of may have an impact on the society standing with their faction. Better standing = better society missions.
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    Nov 01 2010
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