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    Jul 20 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Norbert View Post
    Not much time at the moment so i apologise if this has already been mentioned.

    Now that we have RUde/Fair standings etc in space, perhaps a bounty system could be put in place. Allowing shot down players to place a bounty in holding on a pirate through an npc on each planet perhaps. Make it so that only law breakers can be targeted via the planetary npc's and perhaps place a "pirate" npc on the pirate base, or in neutral space stations to put a price on "fair" and more legal space travellers.

    To revent obvious abuse make the bounties hidden so that it isn't known a bounty exists on a person by anyone except the bounty financer. That way would be a surprise for a potential victor in a battle.

    Just a thought
    A Bounty system is a fantastic idea, although, logically separate from 'Mission.'

    That would be fun to see, and Global when a bounty has been collected! (I don't mean 'get a global, just global chat it. The financial reward is set by the bounty and would not be a 'loot'!)

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    Jul 20 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
    A Bounty system is a fantastic idea, although, logically separate from 'Mission.'

    That would be fun to see, and Global when a bounty has been collected! (I don't mean 'get a global, just global chat it. The financial reward is set by the bounty and would not be a 'loot'!)
    Hell, why limit it to space, it should be everywhere. Got pK'd when mining in PvP, get some revenge, place a bounty on their head!

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    Nov 08 2010
    kill boss mob gets you (L) item type of things

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    Dec 28 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by fluske View Post
    yeah,sounds nice,or make the gold reward 1 ul armourpart with good stats(like mayhem or poe) by grinding 7 goldmissions (which would take years) we could gather a bice unlimited set of armour

    now thats a reward worth skiling years for since good armours dont drop anymore in loot

    but i just read emphasis wil be on storytelling which hardcore grinders(and thus the ones making ma decay ) dont care about at all
    It better to give out some kinda paper that says "Atrox mission reward" when your done whit the end mission. Whit 7 diffrent you can trade it for a full set, if not Im afraid that there will be alot off just one part and that is not good.
    Armor is a very good ide, but set at once...

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    Guardian Magyar's Avatar
    May 14 2011
    Aberdeen, WA
    Im not sure the focus on what type of handout is given at the end of a quest should be where this conversation heads. Yes, its important.

    But in focusing on the reward we are forgetting why people try EU. They try it to play a game.

    Games are about fun. Collecting an uber item or sets of uber items doesnt matter if the path to get them is weak, linear & predictable.
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    Jun 19 2011
    What about making those suggested Entropia Universe missions like....

    "Get the BEER" You have to go to a smuggler base on an asteroid in space and back to Calypso to get the beer finally on the bars"

    I feel the mission avatars should be more lifelike talk preferrably move around a bit more have them scratch their noses whatever I don't know and as I said before have some cool cutscenes when you accomplish a mission or something.

    The rewards are pretty lame for some of the missions for example I just completed the shinkiba one about keeping inventory killing each maturity and 100 mobs blabla and got nothing not even a fragment! That's lame.

    In real life you go get rewards and the way the system is now we can't repeat missions so there is no risk of ppl doing it over and over again to get stuff.

    Even a 0.001 PED shikiba ornament for my apartment would have made me really happy!

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    Guardian narfi's Avatar
    Nov 01 2010
    Along the armor idea, why not create the opertunity for unique armor at an armor manufactures NPC.

    Have all missions give a tangable 0tt coin or token which can be used as partial payment.

    Have the numbers and types of coins unlock better options for the custom armor.

    Copper coins for exploring missions.
    Iron coins for iron missions,
    Bronze coins for bronze missions,
    Silver coins for silver missions,
    Gold coins for gold missions, etc...

    Copper coins can be used to pay for the armor designers 'time' and 'plans'
    Copper coins could be used to purchase different naming options. (from pre selected names, to different styles of custom names with more coins)

    Iron coins can be used to unlock the different base styles of armor to chose from. (basicly the look of it, (the pixie/shogun look, the helmeted look, the hermes/sparticus look, the vain look, etc...) The more coins spent the more options you have to choose from.

    Bronze Coins unlock the different color and texture options for customizing of that particular armor style of armor. More coins = higher levels of color and texture options.

    Silver coins are used to purchase protection and durability options. The more coins spent the more protection and durability you can get with a cap set for protection on any 1 dmg type as well as a max durability.

    Gold coins are used to purchase a waver for the cap set on the protection and durablity. The more gold coins used, the higher above that limit you can go.

    Coins can be exchanged for others at an exchange rate - a fee.

    10k copper = 1k iron = 100 bronze = 10 silver = 1 gold

    but you would need 11 sliver coins to buy a gold and you would only get 9 silver if you exchanged a gold.


    This idea would mean that any joe can go out and finish an iron mission and a few exploration missions and get his own custom armor. But it would basicly be a personalized ugly pixi.

    It would also mean that a hard core grinder could grind for a couple of years and create a nice uber set personalized to themselves.

    It would create an economy around the markup of tokens and allow some people to grind lower lvl missions in order to sell their tokens to the hardcore grinders who need a few more coins to unlock that last option they wanted for their uber armor.

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    Jul 20 2011
    I agree with Magyar. I love this game, I love the hunting and mining in it, but yes it would be nice if there were a few more rewards. I mean I turned in the 5k argo mission and got nova fragments. I don't think anyone here honestly expect EU to hand out a bunch of free stuff and ped, but a ped here and there or a small item, for completing a mission would be nice.
    Some people may disagree with me on th is but I firmly believe if MA was just a tiny bit more generous, not just in rewards but the depth of the missions it would actually end run make more money.

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    Old Hijacker27's Avatar
    Jun 07 2011
    Well, I really only care about grinding missions, because they're the only missions that (can) give decent rewards.

    I think every mob should have iron and bronze missions like we do now, giving stats and skills at the end. Iron should always be any maturity. Bronze be maturity 3+ (old, gen 3, guard, etc).

    But then they should also have Silver missions, which are 10K of maturity 5+ (guardian, gen 5, warrior, etc). Upon completing this mission, it should reward an attribute, skills (more than iron and bronze ofc), and an UL piece of armour plating with 0 tt (ofc having a normal max tt so that it can be used when you repair it) that would be specifically tailored for that mob. For example, doing the drone silver mission would give you a piece of armour plating, maybe 'Drone Plating Mark 1' with like 20 burn and 15 pene.

    Then ofc we'd have Gold missions, which are 10K of maturity 7+ (alpha, gen 7, hunter, etc), which rewards you with an attribute, skills, and a whole set of armour tailored for that specific mob. (Drone Armour Mark 1) with a suggested 40 burn and 25 pene protection.

    And lastly you'd have Platinum missions, which would be 10K of maturity 9+ (prowler, gen 9, champion, etc), and upon completing it you receive a diploma, get announced to the global chat with a HoF message, and recieve something special (an UL gun or something).

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    Jul 20 2011
    Half the appeal of Entropia Universe is the RCE + Items side of things. Back in 2005, that was what brought 90% if not more of the new people into EU... money for items and land.

    I think skills for missions is cool, but, skills + items (carefully worked out) would not only benefit the already participating masses, but also be attractive for new recruits.

    For example, take your average WoW player, they're used to grinding and grinding AND also receiving good items to help them on their way.

    So when enticing players from other titles, they grind and grind... lose and lose financially, to gain what? some skill? Not enticing enough!




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