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    May 31 2011
    So what good is having something confirmed as an exploit if an official MA poster doesnt describe how it works and specifically say "dont do this or you get banned".

    Without mentioning how it works the people doing it will assume that you're talking about some one elses exploit and the way they are doing it is okay.

    Then again MA hasn't really done too well lately in showing people that exploiting is bad. Look at the mission on Rocktropia where people were getting 30+ points of stamina, all they got was all but 2 points of stamina taken away. Not to mention that the mission doesn't even award stamina at all now, so the people that DIDN'T exploit the system are the only ones getting punished.

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    Jun 30 2011
    I nicked a comment from PCF that pretty much sums it up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Majstorex View Post
    this makes me feel like an idiot for skiling up rockets, I even took support weapons system reward from trox mission, only so that I am able to buy the vrex2k with 200% mu, so that i can hunt big mobs.

    it realy does seem theres no point in skilling when you can clearly get away with exploiting the systems features, with a month ban and you still get to keep the loot.
    No, it doesn't. In fact we get 2 different games in one. The grinders and the cheaters.
    I'm not going to risk getting a ban myself by standing in Twin or PA announcing how it's done but I will add to the pile of support cases in this matter by throwing one in myself.

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    Nov 15 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by zigawen4 View Post

    very body wants to succeed. But when it comes to the question that which factor leads to success, opportunity or hard-work, different people will offer different answers. San Francisco Escort
    Is there a firm in Californa that rents out meatsacks? o_O
    WoF team Sweden
    World of Firepower is coming - We're always looking for good Swedes to represent Sweden, and all support is welcome!

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