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    Planet Calypso Official Kim|Calypso's Avatar
    May 12 2011

    Requesting info about equipment gaps

    I'm trying to fill some holes that exist in the weapon progression among the different professions. I would be very happy if you would help me out by letting me know about where these gaps are and what you think it needs to be filled with.

    Please stay on topic as this is not a thread for discussion. I will look at your posts and then look at our parameters and then see what can be done about it.
    Mr Kim H.R. Welter
    Game Designer, MindArk PE AB

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    Old Mega's Avatar
    Nov 12 2010
    There is a really good diagram on

    This isn't the one I was thinking of, but does this help?
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    Jun 30 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Mega View Post
    There is a really good diagram on

    This isn't the one I was thinking of, but does this help?
    I can't be bothered to get all the charts but here's on together with the link.

    As easily noted there is nothing beyond level 59 on laser carbines. So an idea is to add some more Isis LR weapons to fill in the gap up to, let's say, level 80-85.

    No chart added to this post but if you take a look at Laser pistols you see a gap in numbers of the Isis HL series. Models 16, 17 and 19 isn't there so there's a gap to fill with lootable guns. Same thing as with carbines, there really should be SIB guns up to level 80-85.
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    Old Alpha
    Nov 08 2010
    Whips could use some more choices.

    Greek weapons helped out low end swords melee a bit, but there's more that there could be... UL claws come to mind, as well as TT claws, etc. Also, melee amps would be nice. Be kind to the sweaters and maybe make there be some more uses for vibrant sweat in weapons too? Maybe a powerup chip doubles your range for x time, doubles your melee damage for x amount of time, etc.

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    Provider JohnCapital's Avatar
    Nov 01 2010
    How about:

    Plasma, between lvls ~17 to 99
    Clubs between lvls ~20-99
    Faps, especially after the UR125 lvl
    Powerfists above lvl 40

    Also, it's not only missing gaps in weapon/tool ladders that are a problem. The other issue is rarity.

    For example, the only SIB club above lvl 20 is the Force Mace Basher (L) Adapted. How many of those are made/month? Not nearly enough for a hunter to use as their main weapon. Again the (L) faps above UR125. UR150 (L) & SK-80(L) technically exist, but getting enough qty to cover hunting is, well...

    Drop rates & craft costs (both TT & MU) leave HUGE gaps that are technically filled, but realistically lacking. I understand you can't drop a 200 ped TT longsword for every 175 ped of hunting someone does. We get that. But please investigate the drop rates of both items and the control materials for crafting. (Control material meaning the single item that's meant to be rare and drop rate more controlled in order to control qty of high-end items crafted ingame)

    There are technically a lot of weapons, tools, etc. that are available, but in reality, the numbers just aren't there. Often a gap-filling weapon is made/looted less than 10x in the whole month or even a year. That's simply too small qty.

    I really appreciate your asking about this, and kind of feel bad about bringing this issue up, but when the shoe fits....
    Always willing to learn

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    Nov 02 2010
    There are no adj/imp/mod/otherwise upper level unlimited non-sib blp pistols, as there are laser pistols, laser rifles and blp rifles.

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    Nov 09 2010


    I would add that we need other faps obove fap 450, its to big the jumpt from it to the next lvl. skill gains are alot slower and u need years to max if u do it normal hunting style. (u are not a faper)

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    Nov 13 2010
    Apt G , Floor 3, Billton Tower1, New Oxford
    They're BIG!



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    Old Hijacker27's Avatar
    Jun 07 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by mczimi View Post
    I would add that we need other faps obove fap 450, its to big the jumpt from it to the next lvl. skill gains are alot slower and u need years to max if u do it normal hunting style. (u are not a faper)
    What's wrong with using oxy1500?

    And yeah - I have to agree with John Capitol. Half the problem is the lack of availability of certain weapons. The blueprints/drop rates of a lot of these items need to be revised.

    Also, don't forget (L) mindforce attack chips or all professions past level 30

    Edit: Also, if you want to easily check the weapon progression ladder for each profession, just go to entropedia - weapons, then:
    1. Filter for SIB only
    2. Sort by required hit profession (or damage, they should both be the same)
    3. Filter for a type of weapon
    4. Scroll through the listings and if there isn't an item every 4-5 levels, make a note.
    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for different weapon types.
    6. Eat cookies.
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    Loot sucks, then you ATH.

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    May 13 2011
    there are a few holes in the rockets and grenades sib lines, i separated the two types that were originally on one picture because even tho they have the same skills they have very different uses. also, some people like one but not the other so they proceed to only use the one they like best for their applications.
    i was thinking maybe some chikara, omegaton, genesis, or isis branded grenade/rocket launchers could make an appearance (new skins please, yellow is ugly )

    also at the time of writing, i thought maybe kim can look into the idea of flame-throwers? im thinking low-fast-constant damage, low range, possibly use a volatile mix of explosive projectiles, oil, possibly sweat, possibly crafted into napalm for ammo? just an idea for more variety :P

    you can see where the jumps in sib are in both pics


    Click to enlarge


    Click to enlarge

    also these weapons are bugged and dont work properly, rockets sometimes fly through mobs hit boxes, resulting in a total miss. rockerts will also sometimes explode on impact of the mobs hit box but not do damage (no miss text in chat or health visibly lowering),

    the grenades will also explode right under mobs but do no damage, same as rockets, and grenades will also fall under the map and do no damage as a result of being too far away. i think this was mentioned in another thread someplace else, during the last longtooth season, but figured i would toss that in here as a refresher kim :P (i guess MA forgot about it or something?)


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