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    Jun 19 2011
    there also needs to be an RK-10 use between rk-5 and rk-20...and of course, some after rk-20

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    Nov 02 2010
    Im really happy we arent the only one asking questions

    Keep up the good work Kim, and keep asking questions

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    Jul 20 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Kim|MindArk View Post
    I'm trying to fill some holes that exist in the weapon progression among the different professions. I would be very happy if you would help me out by letting me know about where these gaps are and what you think it needs to be filled with.
    Smacker Three(L) to Omegaton Piercer(L) - Three maxes at 11, clocks in at 13 dps and Piercer starts sib at 12 and maxes at 17 and gives 23 dps. It would be very nice if there was another power fist or claw between these two, starting SIB at level 10 and having say about 17-18 dps.

    Force Mace Clobber(L) to Force Mace Attack(L) - Force Mace Clobber(L) maxes at level 20 and Force Mace Attack(L) starts sib at level 29. Having one or even two maces in that gap would be nice. Say one mace starting SIB at level 20 and maxing at 25 and another starting sib at 25 and maxing at 30.

    Breer M4a(L) to AL15(L) - Breer M4a(L) has 14.8, maxes at 15 and Al15 has 26 dps, starts SIB at 15 and maxes at 21. Maybe add a Breer M5a(L) or Riker UL4(L) here, that would have say 20 dps and start sib on level 14 and max at 18.

    There are also large functional gaps in the Laser Handgun and Carbine markups due to the facts that the balancing does not allow for making these economically, but I'm not sure if you are interested in hearing about those.

    I hope this was of any help.

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    May 20 2011

    FAP gap

    Others have mentioned it but I'm repeating to emphasize the importance: FAP GAP.
    There's a huge gap between UR125(L) and UR175(L). Yes, some faps exist in that gap, but they are relatively rare and therefore ridiculously expensive (per heal) so not worth it.
    An alternative solution to the fap gap might be to triple medical skill gains permanently!!

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    Nov 08 2010
    not necessarily 100% on topic... but something else that might be nice is putting back in the TT all the old stuff that used to be in the TT so that the new folks can have the same potential the old folks do. UL coloring tool back in the TT would be nice, etc. Some stuff that used to be in the TT let some folks start out in various professions a bit faster then they can nowadays. Maybe a ped or two in markup is not much, but for the lowly sweater, it just might be quite a bit... Once you add stuff to the TT, you should leave it in there for future generations, etc. Yes, the stuff that's in TT may be more economic from certain perspectives, but maybe it has some bad sides that the old school stuff didn't. Give participant choices, or at least the illusion of choices, and then you might see a happier group of people playing the game.

    Also, since space is PVP and certain planets will have better TT stuff, I'd like to suggest you add "all planets" section to the TT and the Technicians which lets you buy TT items from other planets, with a transport fee that will go half to the hanger owners and half to the planet partners of whatever planet that TT stuff is from... That way newer players that for instance started on Calypso but want to skill up on axes from Greece or BLP TT weapons from Arkadia can do so without having to pay all sorts of travel costs to do so to go back and forth between various planets for TT gear, which might be L that they'd have to pay more transport fees or other types of fees to stay supplied with that stuff from multiple planets...

    A lot of shops seem to be filling up with TT gear from the other planets. Before space, selling stuff that might be in the TT at zychion, like the punisher at PA with markup was considered a scam. If you don't put all the planet's TT stuff in all the planet's TT, it really seems like a new version of that scam.

    I'd also like to suggest that if you do add the old stuff to the TT that you remove the 'markup history' of all items that you put in the TT as well as the ability to put that stuff in to the auction, much like the items that are in the TT currently are with no markup history so that it's easy to identify what's from the TT and what's not...

    Since you've introduced new planets with new TTs on them and different things in those TTs you've created a bit of a false supply/demand issue. For UL TT items that's not such a bad thing, but for L items like the blp TT weapons on arkadia, that could be a very bad thing that leads to lots of scams.
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    May 14 2011
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    Virtually nothing.

    As a dedicated sword user myself I've found that both the SIB and non SIB swords decidedly peter out at about the same damage level. While a flat damage to damage comparison with guns justifies this, how they are used in fact creates a large disparity. A melee user must engage the mob in toe to toe combat, closing the gap between themselves and the mob before a single point of damage occurs. A range weapon user does not.

    So in the long term, and esp in group situations, melee users are at a distinct disadvantage. Their skill investment post level 70 is essentially meaningless as well.

    And whip, well, whips are basically useless against anything but snablesnots!
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    Nov 08 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Kim|MindArk View Post
    I'm trying to fill some holes that exist in the weapon progression among the different professions. I would be very happy if you would help me out by letting me know about where these gaps are and what you think it needs to be filled with.

    Please stay on topic as this is not a thread for discussion. I will look at your posts and then look at our parameters and then see what can be done about it.
    if u goto entropedia using sort by levels it shows the holes well

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    Nov 03 2010
    Wisconsin, USA
    I would like to see a gun between the Isis HL15 and the HL18. There are enough hunters using these guns to justify another gun half way between their skill level requirements.

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    Nov 01 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Jamhot View Post
    They're BIG!



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    Nov 02 2010
    Wake Forest, NC
    I would like to see 1 or 2 guns between the Isis BL1000 and the Isis BL1300. I am maxed on the BL1000 but the BL1300 is too big for me


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