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    Aug 23 2011

    Players associated with Marketting for planets steal property

    Here is a thread from one player in the game. He has negatively impacted entropia community time and time again, and this man is personally affiliated with ND.

    We need something to change because of this issue and ones like this time and time again. Please have the courtesy to look over the player Digital Abduction Manager. He has made many deals with items in entropia that where not his.

    His relationship on the surface has been severed with ND, but we can only believe how sincere they are being. And by what has happened in the recent days and weeks leads me to believe this may run deep.

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    Aug 22 2011
    Oh God

    I foresee more bad spelling, worse punctuation and flaming happening here in the near future.


    Too harsh?
    If people who don't believe in 'life after death' are correct, they'll never get to enjoy that 'I told you so' moment.

    Cheers, Nobleone - Calypso colonist since March 2007

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    Alpha wizzszz's Avatar
    Nov 01 2010
    Could someone give me a summary of the PCF thread please?

    Half of the posters there are on my ignore list...

    Actually... no, i don't wanna know...

    Oboy, millstreet2 or however your name is:
    What makes you think this version of the thread will NOT be locked again?
    JC is still a mod here on EF, too, you know... and he made it quite clear over there that the topic was getting sour...
    Not a single fuck shall be given today

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    Old Alpha
    Nov 08 2010
    the fun is only just beginning...
    It has been brought to my attention that the Planet Partner Agreement strictly Prohibits Planet Owners or planet Partner Employees from Playing Entropia universe with private Avatars...

    IF Mindark Choose to make public the specifics of this agreement, then that is up to them.

    In general though What that means as far as I understand it regarding ROCKtropia and NEVERDIE Studios is that all of our Private Avatars must cease to engage in all End User Game Play activities, excluding perhaps logging in to manage pre-exisiting assets, until such time that employment is terminated.
    some idiot with DA Manager's name in it was globalling a bit tonight. I expect all those earning Da Manager (NeverdieStudioPartner), i.e. DaM(n), made off the exploits to go even more in to the mainstream parts of the real cash economy's vicious cycle of cashflow then it has been up til now since NDS has cut ties with him...

    Just another reason MA needs to turn the 'globals' in to actual 'globals' - i.e. messages spamming the globe, i.e. planet, not the entire virtual universe and all it's planets... Here on Calypso, I don't give a dung how many peds the dragon slayers are making on other planets.

    No need to hide in shadows anymore since that employment was terminated?...

    Could someone give me a summary of the PCF thread please?
    Basics of it if I remember correctly are that DA Manager was using booths on his LAs to do big trade deals, using it as collateral, which he wasn't suppossed to be doing as the sub-estates on the LAs is considered a part of the LA, which Neverdie still owns, even though ND handed the deeds over the DA Manager since DA was runing the shops there... more on that over at the forums DA runs

    so the folks (or at least one guy) that got burned by that deal is now pissy and moany... He's trying to say that what DaM(n) was doing was bad and wants to bring it out in the public, but really only did so after it boiled his blood enough since he found he was not profiting enough from hob nobbing with who he saw as the someone at the top of the pyramid scheme which wasn't really as far up on the foodchain as he made himself out to be (as seen by the fact that NDS took back those deeds from DA M)

    Just a convoluted mess really...

    Of course, I'm honestly a bit surprised ND took action so quickly, which is why I think this may all be a part of some marketing scheme just like the planet partners are prohibited quote/link above seems to be as ND himself is still globalling along his merry way (see his facebook page), and in mean time over here at EF, Kim and MA are still silent on clarifying anything about whether planet partners or their partners can be active participants, at least at the level DA M(n) was... even if Kim did admit to getting 1k to play with monthly to take 1k ped loot from other folks that are depositing with their own cash instead of using company petty cash like he is, all planet partner avatars seem to be, and like Da M(n) was but DA M(ex-n) won't be since his termination is emminent? (still waiting on some huge press release Da M promised once many months ago, and another he promised about 48 hours ago or so that still is not forthcoming... that will give full clarity and insight in to all of it and show just how rosy smelling and full of lovely and wonderful prismatic rainbow colors he is, etc. and how innocent he is like Little Orphan Annie... and all that)

    as far as the marketing theory goes...

    See, if ND makes an example out of DaM(n) by making him just DA M (ex-n) it takes the heat off
    of ND doing all that globalling that caused Hell to get created in the first place... so folks like you and I will hush up and let ND get back to playing peacefully as he did with company money since x amount of years ago?... (maybe even since the beginning?)...
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    Provider JohnCapital's Avatar
    Nov 01 2010
    Mesh gave his version of the cliff notes (Glad he didn't offer the long version) most folks have been sufficiently warned about whatever, and others will learn from friends/soc mates.

    And as Wizz said, there was a reason I closed the original thread.

    Always willing to learn




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