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Thread: May I speak

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    Aug 23 2011

    May I speak

    Or will everyone censor us when we are trying to fix this game up?

    How deep does it run the people who are willing to cover up the lies, and theft going on at the PP's!



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    Nov 02 2010
    if you want to speak.....

    get your ass in Sweden
    and speak whit MA directly

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    Nov 08 2010
    As mentioned in another thread... Why the hell do you think I started blogging?

    It's a lot easier to just put together a blog with your message and link to it then it is to try to post your blog type entries in a forum and try to avoid locks and stuff with that route.

    Just be glad they only locked the threads and didn't fully delete them. Since that happened, you can still reference it with the permalink.

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    Nov 15 2010
    I've read your original posts, so I think you have gotten your message through (though I have to admit I don't understand the whole chain of deals - but that I probably never will).

    Well i've read them four times, two times here, in one thread on PCF and on one thread on Neverdies forum.

    You have posted your part of it, the "digial abduction manager" have posted his part of it and Neverdie has posted his part of it. Unless you have new information, I don't think you will get more information through by opening a fifth, sixth or seventh thread.
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    Nov 08 2010

    as mentioned in one of the other threads...

    As mentioned on another of the threads you made about the issue, which also got closed (which likely will happen to this one too?)

    My suggestion - send several support tickets in right now... One for each item you lost in this whole mess... Give MA some time to straighten it out.

    Simultaneously, go and file consumer complaints against whoever you feel you need to file a complaint about. Depends on where you are located IRL as to what conumer complaint office you need to go through.

    As far as 'killing' goes as you mentioned in another thread - CHILL THE HELL OUT. It's not worth doing violence, etc.

    When you contact those consumer complaint guys, you also might want to talk to offical authorities. At the very least file a complaint with at least one legal authority.

    As I mentioned over at
    it's known who was the real company behind DA Manager's avatar...

    (Hint: Nuclear Blast USA has a facebook page and a webpage even if the particular person in logging in to EU for them isn't known)

    If you want to start doing something, start typing up some letters to MA, letters to your local law enforcement agencies, and the consumer complaint folks... Here's a few links to some interesting reading for you:

    You also might try

    and for God's sake print a copy of the logs and any trade screenprints you have now before your computer crashes, making all evidence go bye-bye. (hint - use those copies as attachments to various letters you are sending in)

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    Nov 01 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by oboy View Post
    Dude, you had your say. I didn't shut it down originally and even moved it to the Security section, based on ND's action proving there was a problem. The thread isn't deleted. No one's trying to "cover up" anything.

    However, at a particular point it's not trying to speak. Go look back on your last posts in that original thread. Especially this one. You say you just want folks to know, and this isn't about getting your money back, but based on your actions, just how long were you planning to hit everyone over the head with this? Weeks? Months?

    I dislike having to temp-ban you from here as well, but you clearly don't know when you've made your point and to simply step back.
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