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    Oct 27 2010

    Entropia Universe 12.1.0 Release Notes

    Mentor system reimplemented

    The Mentor system is now back with many improvements.!With the Mentor system experienced participants can teach newcomers about Entropia Universe.

    • In order to become a mentor you have to have an account for at least 6 months and you have to have at least profession level 15 in any profession.
    • A Mentor has to register to become a mentor.
    • A disciple can find a suitable mentor in the mentor registry.
    • A disciple can kick a mentor at any time, and a mentor can kick a disciple. The disciple progress will be lost, but you can restart the process again with a new mentor.
    • The disciple's skill progress is based on the sum of the skills: Anatomy, Geology and Engineering. The starting progress is your current skill when you start. You also have to get three achievements: Team hunt with your mentor, Disciple mining and Disciple hunting.
    • A disciple will have the opportunity to rate the mentor when graduating.
    • Both mentor and disciple get gifts if the disciple graduates successfully.
    • Disciples and mentors from the old system will automatically be converted to the new implementation.

    Space has been rescaled. Vehicle speed and fuel consumption has been adjusted to better fit the new conditions.

    Warp Speed

    To improve possibilities of traveling over the increased distances, we invented a warp drive device, that you can add to the vessels engineering interface. The warp drive device will deteriorate with every use independently of distance traveled.

    Activate and use warp speed:
    1. Activate warp drive from pilot seat.
    2. Select any position in space you want to travel to.
    3. The ship prepares for warp speed for 30 seconds. If being attacked, or attacking, during this period, the warp speed will abort.
    4. The ship enters warp speed.
    When traveling in warp speed the journey will go through a set of warp speed route points to the desired destination.

    Warp Mines

    In order to stop vessels traveling in warp speed warp mines can be dropped.

    Warp mines can be dropped from smaller vessels and will be active for a limited amount of time only.
    The success rate of bringing a ship out of warp speed depends on:
    • Placement of the Warp Mine.
    • The level of the Warp Mine.
    • Warp drive level of the target vessel.
    • Captain skills on target vessel.

    Fixed issues in space

    • Space has been updated with better graphics and more space mobs.
    • When dodging shots in space, the pilot will gain skills in captain profession.
    • Space station safe zones now have equal distances to planet teleportation zones.
    • All motherships and privateers will be moved to the closest space station.
    • Added target markers for creatures in space.
    • Home visualization in the Map UI is updated more often for motherships. This location can be viewed by mothership guests and mothership deed managers no matter where they are.
    • As a passenger in a mothership, privateer or if you are on a space station, you can now see where the ship (or space station) is located in space in the Map UI. Remember to select Space in the Map UI drop-down list.
    • When destroying a small vessel, the avatar's hit points are reduced to 10.
    • As a holder of a deed for privateer/mothership you are now allowed to enter the ship without claiming it.
    • Fixed issues with crosshair in mothership's gunner seat.
    Ammo Types Conversion

    Light, Medium and Heavy Weapon Cells have been merged into a single type. The same goes for BLP Packs. All existing stacks have been converted.

    General improvements and fixed issues

    • Team loot rules now work as intended for space PVP battles.
    • Fixed problem with history graph showing the wrong date.
    • You now only get credited for creatures killed by you in wave spawn events.
    • You can no longer add and drag avatar status bars to Desktop when in PvP areas.
    • Various other bug fixes.


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    Apr 13 2011
    Space, FOMA, Beta West 13C
    am in space now, and i love what i see.
    thanks Mindark!

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    May 13 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Stagger View Post
    am in space now, and i love what i see.
    thanks Mindark!
    Would that be because ... you're a pirate, and now everyone emerges into space from a planet into lootable pvp.. reportedly at the same point where pirates can shoot at them while the emerging pilot waits for Space to appear onscreen ?

    Hearing it's a field day for pk'rs up there, and sad news for anyone trying to just travel.

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    Nov 02 2010
    Various other bug fixes.

    ahh you mean
    weapon range in space ... no shooting on visible range
    no safe zone afther leaving planet... no chance to fly whit "loot"

    wonder what else isnt writen in VU list ...

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    Jun 20 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by T79x View Post
    Various other bug fixes.

    ahh you mean
    weapon range in space ... no shooting on visible range
    no safe zone afther leaving planet... no chance to fly whit "loot"

    wonder what else isnt writen in VU list ...

    Well I will definatly not be using space untill you spawn in a save zone after leaving the planet. Really nice change guys those with slow computers have nothing to worry about anymore, its not like a pirate will simply exit space fly a bit turn around and wait for a ship to spawn in space or anything.

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    Aug 23 2011
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Mentoring & Warp

    Congratulations to MindArk development team for these news!

    Spawn from space in a unique point: this is very very bad news...
    Last edited by JoseM; 10-04-2011 at 14:06.
    JoseM Tacoral
    La Web de la comunidad hispaanoparlante de Entropia Universe.

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    Oct 04 2011
    Yay, I was waiting for MA to RUIN space for everyone but the few rich enough to camp the planets and shoot down everyone else, didn't take them long. And they will shoot down everyone because there's no way to tell whether someone is carrying something worth stealing.

    Space was fine the way it was...oh wait except MA didn't see enough "conflict" i.e. "money" rolling in. So first they made it so magically you can't keep stuff in the cargo area of your ship in space. Not enough. Then you have to travel inside these invisible "lanes" between space stations and planets. Not enough.

    Now you increase the travel distances from 15-20 minutes between planets to 30-90 minutes, remove viable safe zones, but "forgot" not to make every ship spawn in the exact same place, so you're dead before you even load. There we go! Instant money making spawn kill fest and infighting between pirates.

    Later they'll throw up their hands and say "space was still developing, we didn't realize the problems this would cause!"

    Sorry, this was intentional, it always is. Anyone with half a brain can figure out that setting ONE spawn point IN a PvP zone is bad news for anyone spawning there. Don't let them pretend it slipped their minds.
    Last edited by Ken Dei; 10-04-2011 at 17:14.

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    Aug 13 2011

    nerfed again

    bye bye space




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