From now until October 31, members who upgrade to a Premium Membership here on EF will receive an identical Premium Membership on PlanetCalypsoForum.

In order to claim this offer, simply upgrade to a Premium Membership on the Upgrade page, then send a private message to 711 requesting your upgrade to be activated on PlanetCalypsoForum.

  • Full details of the benefits and features of the various Premium Memberships can be found in the EntropiaForum Premium Memberships thread.
  • For 3 month (recurring) Premium Memberships, members will receive a complimentary 3 month Premium Membership on PlanetCalypsoForum. Subsequent renewals will only affect the EF Premium Membership.
  • Members who already have an active Premium Membership (either here on PCF or on EF), can also take advantage of this promotion; existing subscriptions will simply be extended by the time of the purchased upgrade.
  • This promotion ends at 00:01 UTC on November 1, 2011.

Thanks for your support of PCF and EntropiaForum!