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    Jun 16 2011
    Arkadia, first tree to the left behind the Oro

    Mining trackers, and the problems with


    thought hard if I should post this. Decided I should finally.

    Any of the trackers I used until now store their data outside my computer, some don't even allow to request the data provided by me to be downloaded again, for my further use. A map display doesn't provide this information, as long as I don't hack into the data stream creating the map.

    Adding my mining data to those will, together with your all data, create a quite precise resource map, that would be most valuable. Some of the trackers used by me don't give you this information at all, they show globals only. Others only give a raw overview, without exact locations.

    Meanwhile the operator of such a service has invaluable data. And with him, all that can access it. We, the providers of the data, do not have such.

    I want to emphasize that I don't accuse any tracker operator of abuse of our data! I'm very sure you all do a most honest and beneficial work, and I applaud you for this! Just - are you sure that your web site is safe against SQL injection and similar hacks? Are you sure that only you have our data?

    There seems to be a problem for me. I don't mind to send my claims, as long as it helps me in my gaming. I don't mind to send claims for the use of the community. But I'd mind if only some hackers (or ppl that payed them) would benefit of my data, and of your all data.

    So I'd propose a set of rules for all mining tracker operators:

    1. A rough server-based info is available for all and any interested. No need to register, no further limits. And not only globals, all sent claims.
    2. A precise map is available for all that have registered, and have submitted at least 20 locations.
    3. For the latter, it's possible to download their own uploads, or the last 30 days of all participants, in any suitable format.
    4. I'd love to have a tool that tracks my finds, but runs on my computer and stores the data there, and only there, exclusively.

    I know I am paranoid. But does this mean that I'm always wrong, and there's no crime in the world? I'd love to have mining trackers that I can trust in, that would give me back the data I & you provided, better: that would store them on my computer and ask sometimes: "Wanna share this, and get then results of others in exchange?"

    Think about, and discuss, please.

    Have a good time!

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    Jun 09 2011

    Arrow Little Big Mining Log

    Hi Xandra,

    As the provider of Little Big Mining Log (, I think the biggest tool out there for tracking mining finds i would like to respond to your post.

    It is true i have access to all the data collected by the users i do not deny it i own the website the server the code for the tool and i need the access to be able to develop the system. However if I make use or abuse your data that is a whole different thing and the answer is simply NO.

    The claim data my users generate is both stored on the server for backup and statistical use as well as on the clients machines. All the users have the ability to export and import CSV files with their data to share their claim locations with friends. You can import your old data or other peoples into the tool also and you always have full access to the data you generate.

    It is true that the data collected by our users generates a quite interesting resource map of all the Entropia Territory, keeping in mind that the society attempted to map out the resource locations in the past i offer to the general public maps with general resource locations on the website ( and this info is based only on information of the people who choose to share their data ... as for security of this data i can ensure you i take every measure to protect it.. including safeguarding from SQL injections and heavy encryption for the data on its way between your PC and the Server.

    I have been thinking about a change along the lines you suggested in your post. Having users collect points for sharing their data and in return obtaining access to more precise map data then that on the website. So those dedicated miners that work hard and are willing to share their data also obtain access to the historical information.

    Second I think you will be happy to hear a stand alone version of the tool is planned for the future. I cannot give you any specific time frame however with the upcoming developments I plan for the mining log i think it might be soon to follow.

    Best Regards
    Ido Sunrider

    Little Big Mining Log




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