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    Mature James Clayton's Avatar
    Nov 25 2010

    Exclamation WARNING!!! Broken masks being sold on auction.

    I write this to warn everyone that there is a broken empty makeup mask for sale on auction at the present time.

    It's a Medium empty mask with a tt of 86.80ped. Now any one that knows about masks knows that the break point on masks is at 90% (just check the get info), so a medium mask at 150ped full tt will be broken at 135ped, at which point it's good for a wall decoration or tt food.

    Right now that mask is being offered at 120.96% opening bid with no buy out. Whoever made the mask made a mistake on the amount of filler to produce a 100% mask. It happens, what pisses me off is the fact that instead of admiting their mistake and scraping the mask and starting over, someone is tryimg to 'pass the buck' and screw someone else for their mistake.

    Not only that, but good old MA is allowing it! Allowing people to put a broken piece on auction at an inflated price so some poor sap who does not know better will get screwed. Nice going MA, good advertising for this game! And to the person that put that piece of crap on auction "May the flees of a thousand camels infest your arm pits!!"

    Now, in case the person who made or is selling this junk does not know about the mask break point then I apologise, forget about the flees, but MA, you get no apology for this screw up on your part!

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    Old Xander Zan Catman's Avatar
    Jul 09 2011
    Ontario Canada
    Good for noobs to know this.

    I dusted off my large make up mask BP yesterday.. forgetting the tt value of one of those mask I proceeded to go ahead and make one.. without enough metal res... that got put in the tt and more metal res was purchased!

    After trying my hand at makeup for the very first time, I have an entirely new appreciation for Trance and his chosen business venture.

    Its not easy to make anything half decent looking thats for dam sure. Anyone who can produce the level of craftmanship that I have seen in thepast deserves a little priase - that being said, I went to visit Trance in his shop the day Makeup was given back to us... I found him.. hard at work playing with the new interface and he told me its a bit ifferent then the previous one... for instance you can't zoom in as close as before apparently.


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    Old Alpha
    Nov 08 2010
    all masks should be UL, not L... hell everything in game should be really... especially now that manipulation is against tou.

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    Nov 01 2010
    Thx for the warning James
    Good move of u

    Hi, your account was created on the following date 2004-09-26. Regards, Entropia Support
    Proud member of the famous Alpha WildD3amons

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    Young FarmerSmurf's Avatar
    Aug 02 2011
    what causes tt damage during use? getting hit or removing it?

    Edit: removing it causes decay.
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