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    Dec 22 2013

    Smile Requirements to become a beautician


    I'm a noob and I'm wondering what the requirements are to become a beautician skillwise, but also what are the required materials and tools, and what should I expect to invest to get started.


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    Nov 08 2010

    Entropedia lists the info you need as far as what equipment you need, etc.

    I'm not sure on actual costs to get started, but prices should be lower on most equipment now than it was several years ago (check old buing/selling threads on pcf for info on prices from a few years ago). Prices are lower now because of supply/demand. Mindark allowed all avatars to be redone with all new looks for free about 2 times since vu 10, and one time before that I believe. Since most don't change their looks monthly, etc. the demand for this profession is fairly low as Mindark gave away the freebies to those that might have been potential clients.

    My guess would be the chairs are probably the most expensive part of the equipment, and that'll probably run you a couple k ped each, depending on if you are just going to specialize with one chair or get multiples so you can do both bodysculpting and hair, etc.

    Also, be careful to study the needed ingredients. There is one fairly rare blueprint involved but you don't need the item in question that is created by that bp as there is an alternative ingredient that can be looted in higher quantities that works just as well. I think the alt is body fat but can't remember the bp name without logging in and checking my component book since it's the only component bp my book is missing.

    Oh yes, it's Metalic Bone Replacement.

    More on this topic at Just shows you how much Mindark values crafters... They create a bp that is used in a certain process, can't figure out how to update loot tables to make it's supplies high enough in supply, so create an alternative route that gets the same results, bypassing the crafters all together, devaluing investments some already made. This is unfortunately all to "normal" to see in Entropia. Don't invest more than you can afford to lose since odds are likely that over the long term YOU WILL LOSE as Mindark has no clue what they are doing half of the time, and the other half of the time they do know what they are doing and purposefully devalue things that participants already spent money on.
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    Feb 08 2011
    And you need a place to set up your boutique. this can be either in a shop or in an appartment, house or any other building you own.

    Also, if you want to skill; scan mutants (maffoid, feffoid,...). They give some genetics that is useful for beauty.

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    Nov 01 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Acronoid View Post
    Also, if you want to skill; scan mutants (maffoid, feffoid,...). They give some genetics that is useful for beauty.
    Thats true but the way the scanning system is working now I wouldn't recommend it, I tried it myself but since you can only scan the mutant once to get skills you spend 100x if not 1000x the time to dodge mobs then actual scanning




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