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    Jul 03 2011

    *** WoF 2012 News ***

    Ok, here's the official word; there WILL be a WoF 2012.

    The 6th annual World of Firepower International Hunting Tournament will start later than usual.
    I am currently awaiting the installation of a new BT broadband supply (have been for nearly 12 months actually, but it seems they might actually achieve it soon), and until that arrives, I can't entertain promoting, recruiting and running the WoF. I've hobbled along the last 3 years on other people's internet and I wanna use my own, goddammit! So for now you can all eagerly await the tournament but nothing's happening until I go live. If this looks like not happenning I shall form a plan B and let you all know.

    SO: Think about forming teams by all means. Especailly new teams. There will be more incentives for new teams and smaller teams this time around.

    Team registration should be up on the forum aroundlate Jan/Early Feb. When the sub-forum is started, Join or form your National team of choice, read the Rules, and off you go. Hopefully in-game and forum ads will be running by then too.

    Tournament Heats should start somewhere around April.

    ANY QUESTIONS or SUGGESTIONS can be posted in this thread, I will get a chance to read it and I welcome your input. Want to make the 6th WoF go smoothly. So, favourite mobs, least favourite, etc, it all helps.

    Land Owners: We can offer sponsorship of rounds. However, lessons from last year have changed the offer a bit. I will update this as soon as I can.

    Thanks for your continuing support of the greatest event on Entropia....

    See you all soon.


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    Jan 20 2012
    Please read with mind and completely...

    In my Wof 2012

    Point calculation for support team are be weighted based on count of support team members.

    meaning, support team members have to be counted by website/forum/somehow done registration or other bullet proof way and then point calculation is made this way: biggest support team gets points calculated normally like years before, but smallest team gets points raised by dividing percentage of difference (0.01 - 0.99) to biggest support team.

    Team TGCOTSLATEU* had 150 support guys and their team made total of 90 main team points + 300 support points.
    Team ÅLAND had 15 very motivated support guys and their team made total 70 main team points + 40 support points.

    Points calculated
    TGCOTSLATEU: 90+300= 390
    ÅLAND: 70+{40/(10%)} = 470
    Remember 15/150 is 0,1 which means 10%

    Åland wins because of their small but very efficient support team.

    If that is too aggressive we can use just a half of that difference?

    What made me think this whole thing? Small countries have poor ability to compete with their support teams for couple reasons: not enought same kind of people (Language barrier) in EU to gather BIG support team and even though you do good work in support team, it is not gonna help because BIG countries win with help of their massive support teams.
    Point calculation like before, favors big countries and countries with same languages. It should be so talent and good team spirit is everything. Many smaller teams compiting their way to finals would be more rewarding than big teams wiping smalls instantly off the semifinals etc, and really compiting with other big teams.

    But one problem: prevention of unregistered support members. Every global screenshot must be taken and is watched before calculation of points (checking there is no extra teams or nicks).

    Just my 2 pecs...

    *(Great Continent Of The Same Language, And The Economic Union)

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    Jul 03 2011
    I see what you're saying but it would require a lot more work and a lot less freedom to enforce such a system.

    As it stands the average Support Score is still very rarely more than the Main Team score; 4 people outscore any number of Support on a regular basis. The spirit of the WoF is to attract as many people as possible, to get the whole world out on the field, so to limit the Support teams in any way is also out of the question.

    But, that's not why I'm posting. The WoF is on, the team threads are up, and I hope it isn't too cheeky to suggest that anyone who wishes to hunt for their country can go and sign up over at PlanetCalypsoForum, in the WoF 2012 sub-forum. Come and join the fun.





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