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    Nov 01 2010

    First thoughts...CND Missions

    Ok as the title says...first thoughts

    Obviously its not even been 24 hrs since the Vu, however, CND missions at the moment seem a little odd.

    Dasp 5K....ok, Uber mob, but their returns are notoriously bad..that is evident by the tracker and by those of us that hunt them, solo or with a fapper. Tax is high at FOMA for this mob, almost 6%. People can say all the BS they want about what this mob 'drops' its rarer than rocking horse shit and good luck to anyone that gets it. I should hope that the attribute gained from 5K dasp is massive.

    Corns 5K - Little or no spawn in both domes. If the mission is implemented I would expect that business sense would prevail, and make FOMA aware of such an update. Therefore, he can increase this spawn (should he so wish). However it is almost non existant in both domes. And again high tax rates.

    I appreciate the community may not be so bothered about Dasp as they are a pain in the backside, but Cornoans have been a great mob to hunt in the past and very understated. However, the current spawn in either the small dasp or two Corn domes cannot sustain a mission at this time. And it is unfortunate if FOMA has not been made aware of this.

    These mobs are unique to CND therefore I would have hoped that to fly up there and at least find changes occuring with the spawn rates in either domes. Having checked the fertiliser terminals they are low on points and unlocked on constant flow.

    Of course I will amend this post in a more positive light once any changes have been made.

    Happy Hunting...
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