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Thread: Cld q&a

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    Cld q&a

    not a bug but it bugs me

    Q. How will Land Lot deedholders receive revenue share payments?
    A. Payments will be deposited directly onto each deedholder’s Entropia Universe PED Card balance.
    where 'directly' is not so directly onto the PED card

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    Feb 08 2011
    There has been an updated statement that it wouldn't be directly placed on the
    ped card a few weeks ago, if I recall correctly.

    second bullet point under calypso revenue sharing:

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    Nov 19 2010
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    I think the PED Flow Center is good so ppl actualy have a log of what they recive ....

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    yes PED FLOW CENTER is good and yes they said it wont go directly to the PED card.
    my point was that they can change the Q&A to be correct so new players don't get confused where are their money.




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