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    Dec 28 2011


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    Ok so im new obviously. I spawned on the noob island inside this building. Ive done a few quests inside this building but i cant for the life of me figure out how to get out of this building. Ive read online that there should be a teleportation device or something in the center of the building but cant seem to find it. Only thng i see there is a large colum with writing on the top but i cant click on anything, and ive searched everywhere. Fot the love of god help me!!

    on the first floor, where u appeared first, opposite the water pool, go outside on the terase , there are no windows so you can bassicaly just get out , and TP is there, big and shinny

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    Dec 28 2011
    that will take me to a different planet but im trying to get to the ground floor to try to do more of the quests on the starter island.

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    May 13 2011
    The Televator to change level is in the centre of the main room, behind the desk with the 3 NPCs.

    Right clik it, choose Operate, and then select the level you want to go to (in this case, 1).

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    Jun 23 2011
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    Teleporters often have a swirling light distortion effect. Look for that.

    Does the building you're in have more than one level?

    If you're ever stuck somewhere, you can try pressing T, wait the 60 seconds, and show up at a revive terminal.

    Good luck and welcome to the 'verse!

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    Nov 02 2010
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    While I have been playing for some time, and have never seen the new starting area (generic one, not the planet specific starting area), I do have an idea as to what the problem might be.

    As far as I know, anyone can "try" the game without actually signing up (giving full personal info, etc) by just using their e-mail. In order to get out of the genesis area, it's my understanding that you have to sign up for a full account first. This means going to whichever planet partner's website and signing up for a full account. Until you do this, you will not be able to leave the genesis starter area.

    Once you sign up for a full account, you will be able to use the teleporter to transport to that planet's newbie are (if any) or that planet directly, if there is no newbie area. Note: you will only be able to travel to the planet which you signed up with. In order to get to any other planet, you must travel within the game.

    Hope this info helps you. Oh, and welcome to Entropia Universe.


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