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    Dec 28 2011

    Which of these 2 professions are mor costly/expensive?

    Is mining more expensive than hunting, or the other way around?

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    Old Alpha
    Nov 08 2010
    depends on what you mine and what you hunt... enmatter mining is always cheaper than ore mining, but the returns should be similar.... Hunting is similar... stay in your budget. Think of any money you put in game as 100% loss and you'll always come out ahead because even the crappiest loots will be more than you were expecting in returns.

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    Aug 30 2011
    Mining can be much more expensive than hunting, especially when you get to higher leveled equipment. However, you also have a better chance of getting more return from mining (Mainly because of higher MU on mined items). It's all about skill though. Gaining skill in mining can also be much slower than gaining skill in hunting, but that all depends on the finders you use and how lucky you get as far as the size of your finds. Larger finds=more skills. Best thing to do is pick one proffession and stick with it so that all your time and peds will be focussed so that you will get better faster.




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