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    Aug 30 2011
    The game is designed to make MindArk money not the players money. Of course because MindArk needs to make some money off the game in order to have the money to continue making it better and bigger So while you do have a chance to make money off this game, it is not easy and not likely. There are some people who make alittle money; owning a land area or doing massive trading are two of the main ways to actually "make" money in the game, but they require some initial investment. However, the great thing about this game is that you can experience the whole game without ever depositing and even if you are poor (in the game) it can still be alot of fun. I've been playing for over 1 year now and have yet to deposit one cent so we know that playing for free can be done It just involves alot of sweating :P If you ever need any help in the game I am always happy to do what I can. Calypso is my home planet and the best one for new players to start out on because it has the largest player base and the largest economy. I can also direct you to a very good mentor to help you get a very good start in the game to

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    Nov 01 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by aia View Post
    There are a few things that can categorize you as one of the top.

    Owning a mod fap. Be able to heal yourself, or run a service.
    Owning a land area. ("Calypso Land-area deed" is a sub-version of this.)
    Owning a top-level mindforce chip like resurrection and have skills for it to use it practically.
    Owning a mothership - doesn't make you uber by itself, but possibly very cool if you manage it well and you have top accessories and a dedicated crew.
    Have a working-set of top-of-the-line gear, where you practically never again will have to look in regular market to keep up. Except, possibly, special cases (for instance if you have a full set of supremacy/carramone, but you strive to get a set of Hazen set for the acid protection).

    Pretty much owning some unique item that gives you an unique "edge".

    Hunt the "Hussk" mob (and be invited for it - not getting killed by others).

    Have "peace" with everyone, who counts, in lootable pvp areas like pvp4.
    Aia, your "definition" of uberness is but a joke.
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    Nov 15 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by wizzszz View Post
    Aia, your "definition" of uberness is but a joke.
    I didn't give a definition of true uberness, I just mentiond a few goals where you are at the top/end.

    With true uberness, people look up to you, preferably in a positive way.

    Even if you have a mod fap, you can still be completely unknown. And if you pk everyone you see with a mod dar wearing a full set of shadow; sure you're in a way at the top but many people will see you as a pesky pk:er to watch out for rather than someone to look up to and follow.

    There are (nowdays) rather unknown cool people that is/has been ingame, like Sibuk. Someone else without the gear/skills but is working hard to make a name is Magam ("King of the rig") who I think many people has come across. Someone else who has been working hard with keeping entropedia updated is Sound, worth mentioning. Hurricane who I think has done all he can to run World of Firepower event (several months/year).

    A true uber is someone who both has the right attitude aswell as the resources to pull things through, and doing something that will make you respected (true respect and not respect due to fear or sheer power).

    So, technically, standing next to Hussk carcass and having a share in the loot will show you've pulled it through "endgame" - you've killed biggest mob ingame. But, by itself, isn't necessarily an evidence of uberness (unless *that's* the definition).
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