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    Dec 23 2011

    No loot and growing EU

    I would like to presents some ideas on getting the EU community to grow. As and old player that just recently returned I see some of the same issues that got me to retire the first time - don't get me wrong I still like this game and the format it presents; however there is still issues with economics and the player base not growing.
    When I first started playing about 10 yrs ago PE was very active and dynamic but slowly started to lose its appeal. I remember going out with 1x axes and having a blast killing corns and argos. There was some very dynamic soc's that you could have a lot of fun in and not go broke doing it. You could go on team hunts and socialize which made this a great place to while your time away. You could play for about 20 bucks a month and have a lot of fun, granted you were not going to get rich doing it but it was the fun factor that made this game great. The fun factor went away when it became to pricey to do anything. I think most people are looking for fun in a game and making sure that is here without having to mortgage your house to play is a very important part of making a game viable.
    Now to some of the issues I would like to address. First I'll start with no loot - nobody I mean nobody likes this. My suggestion is every mob should loot (after all you did use ammo and decay to kill the mob). In rl if you kill something there is something left when you're done even if it is worthless you could for the most part salvage something if you wanted to. So my suggestion to solve this dilemma is have every mob drop at least a damaged hide (very low tt value). With these hides you could have a crafting skill that allowed you to create a good hide with them - this in turn would work as an introduction to crafting and MA would still get a return from it in the crafting machines. This would essentially "grow" people into the game and the various aspects of it. Also it is something you could do without spending a ton of cash (crafting is a very expensive part of this game and almost makes it an elitist art). So what I'm saying is MA should take the feel of gambling out of the game and get back to the point of playing to have fun without having to hit the lottery in order to keep playing.
    The next issue I would like to address is worthless items that have no ingame use. Yes I see the necessity of an item like animal oil that fills the loot gap but not a thousand different animal oils (I would like to clarify that animal oil isn't the issue but on a couple of other planets it is with a bunch of items that have no use but drop all the time). Get rid of the no use items - if it can't be useful then why even have it. Sifting through a bunch .01 items is not fun especially if you're new and don't have a clue of which ones are usable and which are not.
    Last but not least my biggest pet peeve - Market Manipulators. In my opinion they do nothing but inflate the prices of items and make a lot of useful tools unavailable to the player base. I also see them as not contributing to the game but being leeches that suck ped out without putting anything back in (I could really rant on this item but it is to political and probably belongs in a separate thread especially with the state of the world's economy ). I understand that this game is supposed to have a free economy but a line needs to be drawn somewhere. Most countries have laws against monopolies and if there is one there is limits put on it. I agree that some items should not be limited in price but common items that are of everyday use should not be allowed to be sold at artificially inflated prices (especially those items that will enhance the game and help it grow).
    I guess I've ranted enough but I needed to voice my opinion on these subjects because as I said I do like this game.

    p.s. Maybe some of the MA employees need to play some of the other successful games out there, then they might be able to incorporate some of ideas that made the other games successful. It is nice to logon at any given time and find 40k people logged in and no I'm not talking wow.
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    Jan 06 2012

    Thumbs Up I quite agree!!

    I love to play but between my 'X' marks the inventory items ( bug?? ) and the fact that armor repair, weapon repair, and a small ammo purchase = $100 USD ... well it makes it a challenge to come ingame and play, for any time, and REALLY enjoy it !!

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    Nov 08 2010
    Well, I have to admit that you are right, but so many people are thinking the same, so many people made a similar thread and so little change on MA's side about the (ignored?) points releved in your post, the only thing we can do is find a niche which are more and more rare as time goes by. (there are still some)
    And the rest of the game is simply useless, should not be used, or let to those that continue to loose peds and enjoy it.

    Tanx if you're listened from developpers.

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    Jul 18 2011
    what you say is not new, no real changes, the loot system is broken and balancing is poor and it seems MA allow it for a reason. Government allow their people to starve while others get rich and more rich. I pray for the day MA sell out to a proper company. Same as I wish the governments in various countries would F-off.

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    Apr 13 2011

    Quite agree!

    I decided (against my better judgement) to do a bit of hunting on medum strength mobs. The result? 10 peds worth of ammo fired off in 1/2 an hour (I did not allow myself longer than that) for very little loot to show for it. I'd have been better off shooting punys!

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    Dec 10 2010
    I keep coming back to EU hoping things have changed. Depo'ed 20 and spent just as quick as it as it took to deposit it.

    I bought a new gun and ammo did a 20 min hunt and then had very little left to buy more ammo to start a 2nd hunt. I guess that Iwill have to play at my finacial lvl instead of my avatar lvl becuase there is no way I can continue to play like that.

    agree with everything but your all ways gonna get resellers and manipulators to push prices up.
    Would be great if the game was brought down to a releasitic level agian. one type of sweat is only needed not too etc ect/..




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