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    May 21 2011

    More then one character

    The game is still one character per account right? If so, is it possible to have, say, two accounts? Seeing how my character is stuck on Arkadia because MA removed the TPing from planet to planet while I was there and I had more important issues going on during that time and so wasn't following the news and had no idea it was going to happen until after it already happened, I've been thinking about starting a new one on Calypso where I belong. Is it a violating of the terms to do that? If I use another e-mail address?

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    May 13 2011
    From the EU Terms of Use:
    2. Description of the Service

    2.1. Entropia Universe Account


    You may only register one Account.
    There are several motherships and privateers, offering 'near instantaneous' flights between planets for around 20ped (much cheaper than the previous 40ped tp fee). Most advertise their services on
    There are also players offering even cheaper - though longer - flights via quadwing or vtol ships.
    On Arkadia, ask around at the Celeste Quarry area - there may be a pilot advertising in trade chat there.




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