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    Nov 01 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Serica View Post
    Yes, I do read your posts - and (Australian) English is my native language.
    Ok, but english aint my native language, that was the point i was making in the last post ("is MY english that bad").

    Quote Originally Posted by Serica View Post
    Sometimes I find your responses to be potentially ambiguous .. so I take the time to spell out exactly the point I'm trying to make as clearly as I can, even if it means repeating what I've said before, or 'stating the obvious'.
    I really do make an effort to set words as precise as possible - i'm a bit surprised that you find them ambiguous.

    I can understand when you repeat something i said earlier, to be 100% sure you understood the point made - but sometimes you are clearly off, most of the time you start talking about the diametrically opposed point. Just as if you only skim through my posts and mix up two different points i address in it.

    Granted, my english is a bit "stilted" if you will, unlike the yellow press type-of-scribble, but you haven't heard my german yet...

    Quote Originally Posted by Serica View Post
    I think its an interesting topic, and well worth examining, even if only so that if I let someone use my quad, I know exactly where it's going to end up.
    It sure is, but flipping the same coin over and over won't show you any new info - or, to say it with a song quote: A little less conversation, a littlle more action.

    Quote Originally Posted by lokia View Post
    Well, yesterday, I ended up on a MS doing a warp trip to Calypso, didn't realize my quad was spawned on Ark. When I recalled my quad it ended up in my Arkadia Storage and I had to be upset since I don't even remember spawning my quad when I logged in that day. Then I had to ask a friend for a ride back to Ark so that I could do a rescue mission from Calypso. Hope this is some help in figuring out this little mystery of where the ship will go.
    That definitely helps a bunch, thanks a lot & have a +rep
    Not a single fuck shall be given today

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    May 13 2011
    Excellent Lokia, that certainly resolves one side of the issue, and a +rep from me too for posting that outcome.

    It still doesn't quite address the original issue that Wizz and I seem to have different viewpoints on though.

    Namely that if you let a friend fly your ship, and they take it to another planet, where will it end up when it times out/is recalled?

    Wizzszz says that it will end up in storage where the 'borrower' is. I'm not so sure, I think it will return to storage on the planet where the ship was spawned.

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    Dec 27 2010
    Ok, this is several months old, but one day was going to shuttle people up to Kronan and I didn't own enough vhehicles for everyone. Let 2 people fly up in my quad while I stayed on Calypso. I do believe that when I recalled it, it was in my inventory as if I had been in space. Not sure if it still works that way or not though, like I said it was months ago


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