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    May 13 2011

    Does EF share the same unwritten rules as PCF?

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    The thread you refer to is a recruitment thread for ******** read the OP. If you have no interest in joining ********, stay out of the thread. 2 week Temp ban for repeated trolling. Please review the rules for your return.
    Ok..... first off... the thread was an announcement thread NOT a recruiting thread... the OP makes brief mention of apply at SOC website though 99% of the OP is an advertisement for an achievement made by the SOC. Therefore there are 30 pages thereafter which are "off topic" from the OP.

    Secondly..... When a member of a SOC asks a question in the SOC section (I'm assuming it's public due to the fact that they could register a private forum group for private discussions) will I get banned here on EF for "Trolling" if I answer the question without being vulgar? (ie: Q:Why don't people hunt Chirpy that often? A Well because most people don't care for the loot.) I mean... in the particular thread PCF has banned me for, the one posting the question was actually doing some name calling in there.... again.... post never got deleted... only my polite answer was deleted.

    Thirdly and Finally..... as stated in the quote above, the rules MUST state that you're not allowed to post in ANY SOC RECRUITING thread unless you're inquiring about joining that said Society.... so here at EF will I have to worry about getting banned when my RL friends in Manticore Society start a recruiting thread and I bump it?

    Seriously.... I need to know this stuff if I'm going to use this service.

    I would also like to add that the moderator on PCF didn't even read the OP in the thread because he/she told me the thread was a recruting thread for a totally different society tier. Do I have to worry about moderation being done half assed around here?

    Also.... is it common practice here at EF to ban someone for "trolling" several hours AFTER a moderator has already edited the alleged troll? (Coincidently it was MINUTES after I reported a post for being off topic in that same thread). Things work that way around here too?
    *Mod edits post and removes 1 sentence........ hours later you think... "well if my post was offtopic then the question I answered must be as well" (I mean this is ONLY common sense) so you report the question. 5 minutes later you're banned for trolling when you hadn't posted ANYTHING other than a "Post Report" in the last god only knows how many hours.

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    Nov 01 2010
    To put it simply, we've always asked folks to respect threads for the reason of their existence.

    • Don't discuss price-check theories in someone's sales thread
    • Don't bother a soc-recruiting thread if you have intention of joining
    • Etc.

    We try to allow the thread OP to dictate how "strongly" they want those rules upheld. Some want every bump possible, others want to run a tight thread.

    You've had a well-known long-time feud w/ BA. Obviously your action in their recruitment thread is unwelcome for them. Had they bugged an SR recruiting thread and it was reported, we'd deal with it the same way.

    In terms of the post you refer, I modded it and when you registered your complaint, a different mod decided to ban you, since you don't seem to have learned your lesson. (Based on not leaving that thread alone + a few private comments reported as well, IIRC.)

    As for your main question here, yes, some mods run both forums, so make what you will of it.

    Always willing to learn




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