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    Aug 30 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Eseave View Post
    so I understand the can't make new characters. But I just started yesterday ready to quit, I will not deposit money if I can't even find 1 person to talk to in game! I started on next Island a mistake probably. did the game warn me? No. Did it show me population stats? Nope. So I have a few sweat a sword from a quest (broken) no one to sell sweat to. So can't fix my sword. no one to mentor me since no one is on. Cant fix my sweat gather machine, since can't sell my sweat.

    This makes no sense, no wonder no one plays the game, as a newbie starting out and then goes to a place where there is not one person to help what are we spose to do? I said ok I try make another account, well of course takes me to Next Island where no one is. This makes for a poor game. Why would I want to play a game were there are no people?

    So maybe I picked the wrong place to start... fine, but a warning would been nice, that hey don't play here. So now my friend and I are stuck on a place with no one. No way to learn the game, no one to help.

    So of course any other new players are gonna do the same. log off/Delete and uninstall. How does the game stay in business? Not be crappy as I wanted to play the game ready to deposit my money as I have played sub games most of my time. But now I am ready to uninstall.

    So what do I do? Uninstall game?
    The issue of wanting MA to warn people before hand has been going on ever since the second planet came out and especially ever since space came out. The thing is that MA won't ever do this. The reason is because even though some planets are better than others each planet does compete with each other for population so of course none of them will warn you to stay off their planet and none of them will warn you about another planet because that would be playing dirty. Therefore it is largely up to the players themselves to help other players in the game. Just as others have said, there are those who will gladly help rescue you for free just to help out. It's largely the players who help, who guide, who teach, who rescue, who advertise, who do really everything in the game. I've even had Oberon help me out with some glitches in the game rather than wait for MA support. The good thing about all this is that it brings the players closer together and makes for a better community, but a warning would certainly be nice.

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    Dec 27 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Scyta View Post
    Can a mentor send me freely between planets?QUOTE]
    You don't really need to worry about it anyways because the only planet you should start on is Calypso. Calypso has the largest player base and the largest economy so it will be the easiest for people to start off on. The other planets are nice to visit, but only after you have gotten used to the game. Next Island is almost completely desserted and Arkadia and Rocktropia only have half the economy of calypso on good days.
    I personally have to disagree with Calypso being the only planet to start on. If I could go back and choose my planet (of course there was only one when I started) I would choose Arkadia. I consider myself an Arkadian even though I was born on Calypso. But I spend a lot of time on all the different planets. And if I am traveling between planets and do not have a paying customer, I will often give a new player a lift so that he can check out another planet. I do no say I will do this round trip since I might not be heading back to the planet I found him on or may be going to another one. But with warp flights on the Normandie costing only 20ped it really is not expensive to travel.

    To the new player who started on Next Island, I find myself there right now and am planning to head to Arkadia when I leave. Keep an eye out for me around Crystal Center (I seem to keep going back there).

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    Oct 09 2011
    you can start over I did just after skill chips launched, what I did was make a new avatar, send a support case from the first one providing the user id of the new one and asking permission to access both for a short time, they said no problem just let them know when I was done moving items over and they would lock the first one.

    as for having two avatars the answer is very clear NO you cannot have two, though many have done so.

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    Mature Kitty's Avatar
    Nov 02 2010
    Wake Forest, NC
    Am I the only person in the world that researches stuff before I buy, play or go somewhere to do anything???
    Lately it seems that the more informationa available to us, the less we use it.

    And to Scyta, my husband used to play a female avi and no one he knew thought less of him. Especially me

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    Nov 08 2010
    It's not that hard to get a free ride to another planet.

    And if you are stranded on NI then I would suggest posting on the forum for the planet you want to visit asking for help. "Please I started in the wrong place, can someone give me a ride?"

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    Guardian Jenny ferr's Avatar
    Nov 01 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Scyta View Post
    Just have to ask why gender changes are unimportant?
    It's extremely common that people engage in gender play and experimentation when protected by the anonymity of mmo's and virtual world but if you only have one avatar you lose some of that anonymity and might now have to reveal that you like to play a character of a different gender of your own.
    Let's say a real macho sport jock plays a girl in game and suddenly his macho sports friends decide to join the game too. Don't you think it might be important for him to be able switch gender all of a sudden to avoid real life problems?
    If that happens maybe he and his friends should wait 5-10years so they have time to grow up a bit first...

    But it's obvious you played before and just want to create drama so please stop now, move on to your magic circle "real games" instead

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    Mature Lee's Avatar
    May 13 2011
    One of the most interesting threads I've read in a long while, personally think it offers very interesting food for thought about how Entropia as a whole is or can be viewed by those finding it for the first time now.

    Years back, MindArk had a tagline that said clearly that it was 'not a game'. It was from the beginning intended to be a virtual universe, specifically 'the 3D Internet', where at some glorious point in the future you could pretty much do anything you wanted in a virtual space that you normally did in RL. So you could go shopping, take a course or learn a RL skill, run or promote a RL business, or just play a game or socialize with other avatars etc. There was at one point a planet partner in the works that was looking at offering some kind of therapy for stroke patients I think it was on the system. There was also a deal with China to build a shopping planet. No limits really to what could turn up over time.

    That concept as far as I know is still there, but the stage it is currently at is pretty much the 'games' part, different 'planets' owned and developed by different companies as games that are separate but connected in many ways (through space travel and the same game mechanics on all). Any marketing done regarding the platform is done by MindArk on a BTB basis now, to attract more partners. Any other marketing is done by each Planet Partner for the 'game' they own and want to grow. Clearly the platform as a whole however is still finding new 'players' who sign up for an account with no real idea of how it all works, whether or not the planet they chose to be 'born' on is fully functional and a fun place to play or not, and possibly end up leaving with a very negative impression as a result of that.

    Lots of things to think about, good luck to OP whatever you decide
    "I exist as Sal’diresh, last remaining Knight of the world Arkadia. Hopeless is our chance of survival. Those that remain exist here at Artalia, both final bastion for hope and final despair for the people of Arkadia. Any beings to hear, we ask please. Help us."

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    Jan 28 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy Aeris Wood View Post
    as for having two avatars the answer is very clear NO you cannot have two, though many have done so.
    Thats not totally true.

    Its not allowed to have a second avatar without MAs special permission.

    In special cases this permission may be given by MA.

    The bank owners are allowed to have a Bank Manager Avatar to seperate this business.
    Other cases may be, if you hold a large number of LAs MA might give permisson for a second avatar too.

    You need to ask them and then you will see what MA answers.


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