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    Aug 09 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Serica View Post
    The Terms of Use specifically state that after 750 days of account inactivity:
    • the account is purged and all skills are deleted,
    • any estate deeds are transferred back to MindArk and/or MindArk's Partner and
    • the virtual objects on the Account are exchanged for their Trade Terminal (TT) value.
    • The aggregated value is added to the balance on the PED Card connected to the Account.
    You may not like rule about account abandonment, but your friend has no rational grounds to complain since he agreed with the terms of use by the act of logging in. I would be angry if that happened to me, but I'd only have reason to be angry at myself for not being more careful with the account and knowing the policies.

    And no, it's not against the EULA to give your login details to another person so they can keep your account alive if you are going into the wilderness for 2 years.

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    Sep 26 2013
    The Netherlands
    it might be the rule but it doesn't seem to work that way, or atleast not always. my friend recently started up his account again to check how it was (he and i played this long time, only he did quit earlier, like 4 years ago now) and when he checked his account last month, everything was intact and he had to redesign his avatar because of the switch from Project entropia to Entropia univere i guess.

    i can only conclude that OP here had bad luck that MA got around to clean his account.
    Play for the fun of it and may lootius be with you all!

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