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    Jan 30 2012

    Headwear available in Entropia.

    Hey all,

    Relatively new to the game and am just wondering about the sort of clothing that is available to players, specifically headwear. Is there anything similar to a Military Visor Cap out there?

    I am slightly confused about Entropia's content system also. For example I can see that neverdie has his own custom bank at Port Atlantis but I am told there is no player generated content system in place?

    Thank you all,


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    Jun 23 2011
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    On Calypso, The colonist standard issue cap is essentially a non-colorable orange and black baseball cap. The Sun Cap is a baseball-style cap that can be colored or textured. They look similar to the old US OG-106 ball cap from the Jungle Fatigue era US Army uniform, especially with a low saturation Olive applied.

    Another quasi-military appearing head cover is the Leaf Beret, which can also be colored or textured.

    There's nothing similar to the BDU or ACU hat in current use by the US military in game.
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