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    Mar 08 2012

    Best driver for GeForce 500 series?

    Hey all. I just installed the game a few days ago and I notice on occasion that I get some major artifacting. I currently use the 295.73 driver and that seems to work great with some other MMO's I play (SWTOR and WOT) This is my first experience with the CRYTEC2 engine so if there is a preferred driver for that I would appreciate knowing what works.

    I've tried to Google some answers but haven't been able to find any information just yet. I did pump up the in game graphic settings to 'very high' and that seemed to help quite a bit. Thanks for any info.


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    Mar 11 2012
    EU is heavy on the hardware and when it comes to graphics performance, it is very lacking. Not as bad as some games however. Im assuming you have overclocked your GPU, Reduce the memory clock by 100 and it should be fine. I had the same problem but it wasnt as bad as mafia 2




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