Entropia Universe's 5th planet after Planet Calypso, ROCKtropia, Next Island and Arkadia is due to be released in Q1 of 2012 and highly anticipated. Are you ready to face beasts with bad tempers and a lot of sharp teeth?

Entropia Universe allows gamers to travel through space between independently developed planets, each with a unique setting and atmosphere. You can bring your items and skills along so you don't have to start with a new avatar and each planet shares the same in-game currency linked to the real U.S. Dollar which means all items have real value.

Planet Cyrene, developed by Digital Scryers as well as Creative Kingdom Animation Studios will be a sci-fi based planet combined with some fantasy elements in the form of shaman native tribes. CEO and Creative Director Ed Robles III started out with a sneak-peak of the storyline that tells of a human army belonging to the Imperium faction being attacked by another faction called the Turrelions in order to force them to join the coalition. Nearly defeated they speak about a distant planet called Cyrene where their hopes for a better future lie.

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