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    Nov 01 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by wizzszz View Post
    JC, could you please un-delete the post where i did nothing but ask for the average price of sweat and what price people (sweaters) deem fair?
    Done. However, unlike the previous replies you gave, please don't argue about the prices quoted to you.

    Quote Originally Posted by wizzszz View Post
    Oh, and i still think rule 2.13 does apply,
    We disagree. But if you want to pursue that topic, that's fine. Feel free to PM me, and we'll discuss it off this thread.
    Always willing to learn

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    Feb 14 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by wizzszz View Post

    So, what's the current sweat price (please only values you have indeed sold for within the last 2 months) and what would be your idea of a fair price (fair as in "fair for BOTH sides, seller AND buyer).
    I would say the current price of sweat seems to be 2ped per 1k. At this price someone coming in to Nea's will find many willing sellers and not get hassled for daring to offer to buy sweat.

    As for what is a fair price... I think that may be close if a 'fair' price is based on the cost of ME vs nexus and refiner decay.... that probably comes out to about 2.2ped or so... but really some margin has to be left for the people that hassle to sell ME also.

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    Mar 28 2012
    uhm... why some people have problems with resellers? I also have to spend my private time on buying that stuff and then tryin' to sell it.


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