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    Dec 09 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by Netvalar View Post
    Can I use the link generated to my facebook page to promote on other sites such as my blog???

    or better yet is there an banner ad that can be added to my blog???
    I agree with Netvalar,it's something I would be interested in knowing aswell


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    Dec 05 2012
    Most of the apps I use on facebook where I can invite friends take advantage of Facebooks list tool.

    It would benefit me most for this tool to be used so that I am not sending invites to non app users. For instance I have authors and musicians along with reps from different companies connected to me via facebook. For obvious reasons I don't want to send them an invite. At the same time I have lists for each game I play on facebook and these people would be the ones most likely to try the emissary app.


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