Ok after the last VU a lot of things in EU dont work properly. I was on Rocktropia (currently no maps) flying to a location using LON/LAT. I approached the prison and got a warning, so I turned away, but my chopper got stuck and i couldn't escape. It eventually ditched and i tried to swim to the nearest island, away from the prison but my avatar refused to move. After a while I hit "T" and revived in prison and spent the next 3 hours dieing trying to escape. I got an error message 50000 relating to mission/quest and advising that i contact support. With all the glitches that would have been my third support case since the last VU.

If you get stuck in prison this is how to get out.

Run and jump straight out of the cell and land on the ground floor. Go to your right and behind the gym equipment there is a passage, go in with the gym equipment on your left. Turn right and go through the door. Go to the far entrance, the first is the showers and you will die if you go in there. Take the second door and go up the stairs, ignore the inmate on the stairs and go to floor 3. Do not go up to floor 4 you will die. Follow the passage straight ahead, do not take the door on your right you will die. When you come to the room, turn left and left again. You will see another set of stairs, go up these and at the top you will find a one way teleporter that will take you anywhere on Rocktropia. Ignore the message about the prison rules.

This solution has been provided before but the explaination was a little vague, although respect to the original poster as it forms the basis for the escape.

I am only posting this as it seems to be a current EU glitch and as this is just a game and I havent committed a crime I was annoyed at ending up in prison.

I hope this helps other lost souls and if you follow the instructions it only takes 5 minutes to escape.

Note to Mindark, sort out this glitch and the maps on RT cos it is really starting to annoy players.

GL to you all