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    Apr 13 2011
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    Logging off ruins Space Economy!!

    Hello Mindark specificly, and other users who read this..

    I would like to make you aware of the fact that people can log out in space to prevent being killed and looted.
    This topic will serve as a discussion not for people to talk about their troubles with pirates because their brain is too small in capacity, but for Pirates who are sick'n'tired of being legally cheated on.

    When a pirate attacks a player, 4 out of 5 times the player presses ALT+F4 and leaves us pirates in the dark.
    Ofcourse this is perfect harassement to piracy, i'm sure you can imagine all those non-pirates laughing out loud knowing a pirate will wait hours for him to log back in to kill his floating body.
    you must also realise that it ís nearly impossible to know when someone will log back in.

    The time for a player to log off is practically 10seconds, therefore it's impossible for us pirates to Ever attack any Quadwing, Privateer or Mothership.
    We have tried what we can, but there is no way we can kill a ship within 10 seconds of the logoff timer.

    Why is this such a problem for the economy you ask me?
    well.. simple..
    - Pirates have no income, therefore we will run dry on peds just for playing the game.
    .. paying a 100% payment with 0% return, where hunting/mining/crafting is 100%input 90%output.
    - Bigger ships will never have use on crew, because pirates will never attack the ships.
    if they do.. people will just log off, the ship will let itself be killed.
    - Bigger ships have the oppertunity now to ask money from people who wish to be a crewmember,
    Selling the dream that skills will be worth money.. *Readbottompost*
    - There will never be real job oppertunties in space which noobs could work towards too.. because there is no RISK IN SPACE!!
    !!!!!!!!Space is 100% RISK FREE!!!!!!!!!
    we might aswell just label it non pvp.

    99% of the players on this forum will troll on this topic,
    i hope the people with an actual brain will see this topic for the truth that it is..

    Space has to CHANGE!

    *The promise that vehicle repair skills will be worth a lot of money is a lie!
    Tons of players train vehicle repairing right now since it's cheap as fuck.. the skills value will be worth same as Rifle skills.. TOTALLY SHIT!!!*

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    Jan 05 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by Stagger View Post
    - Pirates have no income, therefore we will run dry on peds just for playing the game.
    Well, deposit like the rest of us and stop stealing other people's money.

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    Nov 01 2010
    Y'know, I had to shut down the original version of this post over on PCF because it turned into a flame fest while mods were away. Frankly, I don't think we'll be having a repeat of that over here.

    Always willing to learn




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