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    May 06 2012

    Missing credits from running client

    Ever since Saturday (possibly before too, but I noticed only from Saturday) I've not been getting any credits for running the tracker.

    My client credit number increases, but the server side number doesn't. If I stop and start the client, it reverts to the number the server shows.

    I know my client is talking to the server because the server is increasing the time i've been running the tracker.

    I've reported elsewhere that globals are being missed that my tracker is capturing - given that other trackers are also missing them suggests this isn't a problem local to me or my PC.

    Any clues what is going on? What I could check my end to understand where things are being lost?

    Thanks for any help.
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    May 13 2011
    Yeah, been missing a lot of globals for me as well. Friend and I had umpteen over the 7th and 8th but tracker got only 3 of those. I'd send some screenies except I've never yet got tracker to take screens of team globals despite setting it up in my client.

    Not looked at or fussed about credits at all though.
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    Nov 02 2010
    I'm also having this problem ... Reported it on planetcalypso forum also ..
    And send a PM to Starfinder but no response yet ...
    I think he might be off somewhere ...
    This is the thread I posted ..




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