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    Oct 27 2010

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    Jun 30 2011
    can it be less?

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    May 15 2011
    London, UK

    It's a Cyrene Forum Post

    And it reads:
    Hey guys,

    I know everyone is hunting around for Low Grade Power Supplies, and I wanted to share some of the spawn locations with you.

    Scout Bot 100/200 at: 133839 86210 North of Marsh Base B.A.R.A.L.

    Scout Bot Collector XT at: 129014 77768 Far South of The Brim on the lower continent

    Scout Bot Gen 3 at: 127960 80706 Far east of Volcano Beach

    Scout Bot 799 at: 124077 81116 South of Base Camp Oak
    Or at: 128400 88038 West of Waterfall Perimeter
    Or at: 126709 88422 East of Base Camp Gamma

    I hope this information helps everyone find what they are looking for, but I have another issue to address.

    I'm sure you are all aware of the issues we had with the spawners. Most of them have returned but some are still not working correctly, namely the instant spawners, and as a result some quests can not be completed at this time, they are:

    Lord Psycidon
    Regent Halbird
    Clearing the Den
    Hollingsworth's Other Task!
    "Scary" Hackfin
    L.T.'s Viewing Pleasure
    Helping Harwell
    Guy's Mission
    Dr. Nikolo's Bug Problem
    Merfolken Beach Head?
    Destroy the robot menace
    Gathering Parts

    We are working with MindArk to get this issue resolved as soon as possible




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