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    May 21 2011

    Lots of items, price check please?

    Looks like time has come for me to do a bail out. TT for all of my items is 5600 ped, was wondering what was worth trying to auction off instead of giving back to the terminal. I tried to clean out all the BPs and books and the doubles, but I might have missed some.

    Adaptive Fire Rate Component
    Advanced Cloth Extractor
    Advanced Gem Extractor
    Advanced Leather Extractor
    Advanced Mineral Extractor
    Advanced Stone Extractor
    Advanced Wood Extractor
    Alekz Precision Scope
    Alferix Stone
    Alicenies Gel
    Allophyl Leather
    Allophyl Skin
    Angelic Wings (F)
    Animal Adrenal Oil
    Animal Eye Oil
    Animal Hide
    Animal Muscle Oil
    Animal Oil Residue
    Animal Pancreas Oil
    Animal Thyroid Oil
    Anti-Toxic Shot
    Araneatrox Doll
    Ares Powder
    Argonaut Bone
    Argonaut Claw Big
    Argonaut Claw Small
    Argonaut Fang
    Argonaut Skull
    Armax Large Horn
    Armax Leather
    Armax Plate
    Armax Skin
    Armax Skull
    Armax Small Horn
    Armax Tusk
    Armor Plating Mark.2A
    Armor Plating Mark.3B
    Atrax Bone
    Atrax Claw
    Atrax Jaw
    Atrax Jaw
    Atrax Skin
    Atrox Bone
    Atrox Fang
    B.A.M.F ZK1(L)
    BLP Pack
    Basic Auxiliary Socket
    Basic Bearings
    Basic Cloth Extractor
    Basic Coil
    Basic Engine
    Basic Eye Color Set
    Basic Filters
    Basic Gem Extractor
    Basic Hair Color Set
    Basic Leather Extractor
    Basic Mineral Extractor
    Basic Nuts
    Basic Pattern Pants (F,C)
    Basic Plastic Extractor
    Basic Power System
    Basic Processor
    Basic Pump
    Basic Relay
    Basic Rings
    Basic Sensor
    Basic Servo
    Basic Sheet Metal
    Basic Skin Color Set
    Basic Stone Extractor
    Basic Storage Box (C)
    Basic Strategic Combat Processor
    Basic Target Assessment Unit
    Basic Tube
    Basic Wires
    Basic Wood Extractor
    Bat Wings (F)
    Belkar Ingot
    Belkar Stone
    Berycled Claw
    Berycled Leather
    Bigwig Board
    Blank CD
    Blausariam Ingot
    Blausariam Stone
    Blazar Fragment
    Blues Rock
    Boar Tusk
    Body Fat
    Breer M4a (L)
    Brukite Stone Texture
    Caldorite Ingot
    Caldorite Stone
    Calypso Candy Cane
    Calypso Elf Shoes (F)
    Calypso Land Deed
    Caudatergus Horn
    Caudatergus Leather
    Caudatergus Skin
    Cempball-Welch 1/P-1
    Chiton (F)
    Christmas Cloth
    Christmas Lantern
    Christmas Reindeer
    Chromatophore Mk.I Shin Guards (F,C,L)
    Colonizer Face Guard (F,L)
    Colonizer Foot Guards (F,L)
    Combat Sense Skill Implant (L)
    Combibo Leather
    Combibo Pike
    Combibo Skin
    Copper Ingot
    Copper Stone
    Cornundacauda Flag
    Cornundacauda Leather
    Cornundacauda Skin
    Cornundos Leather
    Cornundos Skin
    Corrosive Attack Chip I (L)
    Corrosive Attack Chip II (L)
    Crude Oil
    Cumbriz Ingot
    Cumbriz Stone
    Cyclops Leg
    DNA Fragment A
    DNA Fragment B
    Daikiba Cloth
    Daikiba Leather
    Dark Divinity Dominator Panties (F)
    DetPil Rv 50 (L)
    Dianthus Crystal Powder
    Dianum Ore
    Diluted Mineral Extractor
    Diluted Sweat
    Dino Shoes (F,C)
    Durulium Ingot
    Durulium Stone
    Earth Excavator ME/01
    Electrokinesis Skill Implant (L)
    Electronic Stabilizing Component
    Emik S30 (L)
    Empty Skill Implant (L)
    Energy Matter Residue
    Enhanced Cloth Extractor
    Erdorium Ingot
    Erdorium Stone
    Erionite Ingot
    Erionite Stone
    Evil Skull Facemask (F)
    Exarosaur Cloth
    Exarosaur Leather
    Exarosaur Skin
    Exarosaur Skull
    Exarosaur Tooth
    Exarosaur Wool
    Explosive Projectiles
    Faucervix Claw
    Faucervix Leather
    Faucervix Skin
    Female Sandal
    Finder F-101
    Finder F-102
    Finder F-104
    Finder F-105
    Fine Leather
    Fine Textile
    Fine Wool
    Fire Forge ARR 8000M
    First Golden Christmas Decoration
    Focus Lense Component
    Force Nexus
    Foul Bone
    Foul Bone Buttons
    Foul Leather
    Foul Skin
    Foundation (Brown)
    Fugabarba Leather
    Galaxy SI Ion Conductors
    Garcen Grease
    Garcen Lubricant
    Gazzurdite Ingot
    Gazzurdite Stone
    Generic Fuse
    Generic Leather
    Generic Leather Texture
    Ghost Arm Guards (F)
    Ghost Gloves (F)
    Ghost Harness (F)
    Ghost Shin Guards (F)
    Ghost Thigh Guards (F)
    Gift Wrapped Box
    Gift Wrapped Box
    Gold Ingot
    Green CD
    Green Cassette
    Growth Molecules
    Grunt Thigh Guards(F)
    Gullaldr Shades (F)
    Hair Gel
    Hair Spray
    Hansidian Ingot
    Hansidian Rock
    Hardened Metal Plating
    Heart-shaped Pillow
    Henren Cube
    Herman ARK-10 (L)
    Herman ASI-10 (L)
    Herman CAP-101 (L)
    Herman LAW-101 (L)
    Herman LAW-202 Desert (L)
    High Speed Control Component
    Himi Rock
    Hiryuu Skull
    Horned Mutant Skull
    Horns - Small Bull (F)
    Hunter Arm Guards (F)
    Hurricane Cocktail Mix
    Ignisium Ingot
    Inferior Cloth Extractor
    Infernal Trident
    Interactive Simplifier Component
    InvestaFoe ES100
    Iolite Ingot
    Iron Ingot
    Iron Stone
    Jack O'Lantern
    Jolly Christmas Facemask (F)
    Jolly Christmas Mittens (F)
    Jolly Christmas Pants (F)
    Jolly Christmas Shirt (F)
    Jormungand Mk1(C,L)
    Julklapp 2011
    Kanerium Ore
    Kaz Ingot
    Kevin Rudolf - In The City Flip Flop
    Kevin Rudolf - To The Sky Flip Flop
    Lacerating Strike Chip III (L)
    Lamp Attachments
    Langotz Ore
    Lanorium Stone
    Large Plug Blueprint
    Large Striped Cotton Fabric Texture
    Light Liquid
    Lockpick Kit
    Long Midastree Board
    Long Stinktree Board
    Longu Claw
    Longu Skin
    Lumis Leach
    Lysterium Ingot
    Lysterium Stone
    Lytairian Dust
    Lytairian Powder
    MAKO Trainer (L)
    Magerian Mist
    Magerian Spray
    Mahogany Regular Board
    Mannell Shoes (F,C)
    Mannell Shoes Blueprint
    Mannell Shoes Blueprint
    Maple Regular Board
    Maple Short Board
    Medical Tool Economy Enhancer I
    Medical Tool Economy Enhancer II
    Medium Storage Box (C)
    Melchi Crystal
    Melchi Water
    Melee Combat Skill Implant (L)
    Mermoth Leather
    Merp Textile
    Merp Wool
    Merry Mayhem 2011 Participation Diploma
    Metal Plating
    Metal Residue
    Midastree Board
    Mineral Sense Skill Implant (L)
    Mission Token
    Molisk Claw
    Molisk Enamel Buttons
    Molisk Tooth
    Mr Huggy
    Multi-Fang Mutant Skull
    Multi-Fang Mutant Skull
    Musca Arm Guards (F,L)
    Musca Foot Guards (F,L)
    Musca Gloves (F,L)
    Musca Harness (F,L)
    Musca Helmet (F,L)
    Musca Shin Guards (F,L)
    Musca Thigh Guards (F,L)
    NEVERDIE HK Series 001(L)
    NEVERDIE HK Series 002(L)
    Narcanisum Ingot
    Narcanisum Stone
    Nemesis Gloves (F)
    Nexnecis Leather
    Nova Fragment
    Nutrio Bar
    O Rings Blueprint
    Omegaton Detectonator MD-10
    Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-10
    Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-15
    Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-18
    Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-28
    Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-5
    Optimus Prime Helmet (F)
    PTech Refiner 1
    Paint Can (Blue)
    Paint Can (Brown)
    Paint Can (Deep Cadmium)
    Paint Can (Deep Cadmium)
    Paint Can (Green)
    Paint Can (Green)
    Paint Can (Navy)
    Paint Can (Orange)
    Paint Can (Pink)
    Paint Can (Purple)
    Paint Can (Steel Blue)
    Paint Can (Turqoise)
    Paint Can (Violet Cream)
    Paint Can (Yellow)
    Payn-Inc Implant Inserter
    Pile Of Garnets
    Pina Colada Cocktail Mix
    Pixie Arm Guards, SGA Edition (F)
    Pixie Foot Guards, SGA Edition (F)
    Pixie Gloves (F)
    Pixie Harness (F)
    Pixie Shin Guards, SGA Edition (F)
    Pixie Thigh Guards (F)
    Prancer Leather
    Prancer Skin
    Project Entropia Dollar
    Pyrite Ingot
    ROCKtropia Mobile Phone
    ROCKtropia Record
    Rage Pants (F,C)
    Ranged Damage Assessment Skill Implant (L)
    Rascal Thigh Guards (F,L)
    Reaper's Scythe
    Red CD
    Red Cassette
    Redulite Ingot
    Refiner MR100
    Regeneration Chip II
    Regeneration Chip III
    Renegade Fashion Chasm Shirt (F)
    Renegade Fashion Emerald Shirt (F)
    Renegade Fashion Maze Pants (F)
    Resource Extractor RE-102
    Robot Beacon (001010010110001)
    Robot Component Residue
    Robot Filter
    Robot Gyro
    Robot Heat Sinks
    Robot Low-Loss Link Cable
    Robot Safety System
    Robot Weapon Grip
    S.G Takeover Mk2(L)
    Sabakuma Fang
    Sabakuma Leather
    Sabakuma Leather Texture
    Sabakuma Skin
    Scary Pumpkin Facemask (F)
    Second-Rate Cloth Extractor
    Seizzt Laser Sight 2000L
    Seizzt Ranger Scope 1800RS
    Shark Fin
    Shinkiba Skin
    Shinkiba Skull
    Shogun Arm Guards (F)
    Shogun Foot Guards (F)
    Shogun Foot Guards, SGA Edition (F)
    Shogun Gloves (F)
    Shogun Harness (F)
    Shogun Shin Guards (F)
    Shogun Thigh Guards (F)
    Short Firn Board
    Short Midastree Board
    Short Stinktree Board
    Silk Line Deep Navy Miniskirt (F)
    Silk Line Gloomy Glade Miniskirt (F)
    Silk Line Shady Jungle Miniskirt (F)
    Silk Line Violet Vanity Miniskirt (F)
    Silver Party Flask
    Simple I Conductors
    Simple I Plastic Springs
    Sjoeblom Winery Chauvignon Crystal
    Skeleton Pants (F)
    Skeleton Shirt (F)
    SkullROCKer Baseball Bat(L)
    Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L)
    Small Storage Box (C)
    Snablesnot Leather
    Snablesnot Skin
    Snarksnot Leather
    Socket I Component
    Socket II Component
    Socket III Component
    Soft Hide
    Soft Leather
    Sopur Stone Texture
    Space Thruster (L)
    Spiral Street Feral Force Jacket (F)
    Standard Intelligence Module
    Standard Rod
    Standard VisioMem
    Standard Wedge
    Star Satin Lady Shoes (F)
    Star Satin Marina Shoes (F)
    Star Satin Pebble Bra (F)
    Star Satin Saunter Shoes (F)
    Star Satin Scarlet Shoes (F)
    Star Satin Sky Panties (F)
    Stinktree Board
    Strong Cloth Extractor
    Superior Cloth Extractor
    Surface Hardener Component
    Surface Toughness Component
    Survey Probe
    Survey Probe
    Tailoring Remnants
    Tantillion Leather
    Telepathy Skill Implant (L)
    Terrudite Ingot
    Tezlapod Leather
    Tezlapod Skin
    Thin Wool
    Thrill Seeker Adventure Bra (F)
    Thrill Seeker Hunter Bra (F)
    Tier I Component
    Tier II Component
    Tiny Mutant Skull
    Tomtebloss Deluxe
    Tomtebloss Superior
    Translocation Skill Implant (L)
    Tripudion Leather
    Tripudion Skin
    Typonolic Gas
    Typonolic Steam
    Urban Nomad Black Jumper (F)
    Urban Nomad Black Slacks (F)
    Urban Nomad Mountain Boots (F)
    Urban Nomad Rover Shoes (F)
    Urban Nomad Street Boots (F)
    Urban Pattern Pants (F,C)
    VSE Mk 1
    Valkyrie Mk1 (C,L)
    Vehicle Parts (Vol. I)
    Vehicle RK-5 (L)
    Vibrant Sweat
    Vigilante Arm Guards, SGA Edition (F)
    Vigilante Gloves, SGA Edition (F)
    Vigilante Harness, SGA Edition (F)
    Vigilante Helmet, SGA Edition (F)
    Vigilante Shin Guards (F)
    Vigilante Thigh Guards (F)
    Vivo T1
    Vivo T10 (L)
    Vixen Android Audio Unit Modified
    Vixen Android Data Uplink Cable
    Vixen Android Defense Microchip
    Vixen Android Gear
    Vixen Android Thermal Tank V.D.U
    Weak Cloth Extractor
    Weapon Cells
    Weapon Damage Enhancer V
    Weapon Economy Enhancer IV
    Welding Wire
    Wolf Leather
    Wool Cloth
    Wool Thread
    Wounding Skill Implant (L)
    Yellow Cassette
    Zinc Ingot
    Zinc Stone
    Zombie Leg
    Zombie Plasma

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    Old Alpha Nor Alien's Avatar
    Nov 02 2010
    Constant state of flux!!
    You will get more for your stuff if you sell on auction for sure..

    This also depends on how long you wish to spend doing so.. If you just want to get out fast then put a thread saying selling all items and skills at tt or at least half markup and you will still get a good return but won't have to wait long before you sell it all..

    If I had the peds I would offer to take it off your hands if your just going to tt it.. But my advice is to sell as much on the auction, or create a selling thread on PCF, or both..

    I wouldn't just throw it all into the tt as it would be a waste..

    Gl with your selling.. I may have some extra ped to take a few things off your hands.. at mu of course!!

    Just a side question.. what is prompting you to leave?

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    May 21 2011
    Not leaving, just another sell off. Locker overflowing with items again and I can always use some extra cash. I know alot of the stuff would never be TTed, I got so much of the old clothes from the PE days of the game. It's hard to judge the markup on some of the items though because nothing has sold for months or even decades. I'll have to sit down tomorrow and work up a thread. Question though, what's PCF?

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    Old Alpha Nor Alien's Avatar
    Nov 02 2010
    Constant state of flux!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Tilarium View Post
    Not leaving, just another sell off. Locker overflowing with items again and I can always use some extra cash. I know alot of the stuff would never be TTed, I got so much of the old clothes from the PE days of the game. It's hard to judge the markup on some of the items though because nothing has sold for months or even decades. I'll have to sit down tomorrow and work up a thread. Question though, what's PCF?
    Ah good to hear!! Yes and since there is more new clothes hitting the market, it might be a good time to try and get rid of the old stuff.. on the other hand it may become more valuable.. it's tough to say..

    PCF= Planet Calypso Forums..

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    Sep 24 2013
    Celeste Quarry
    Instead of trying to PriceCheck every item in the game. There's a little button in the item info called "Market Value"

    Just take Week or Month or an average of the two; then multiply your TT value by that percentage.

    Example: TT=20
    Average Markup = 146%
    20 * 146 % = 29.2 <new value.

    just sayin'
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